Impact Research Magazine and Annual Reporting

Impact Research Magazine and Annual Reporting


John Jay Research Annual Magazine 2019-2020

John Jay Research Magazine 2019-20

2020 required a shift in approach to our Office for the Advancement of Research annual research magazine. Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office transitioned to an online home for the Impact magazine, which presents featured scholarship across a range of disciplines and types, from John Jay College faculty and research centers to students. The publication also shines a light on the key research metrics the Office is most excited to share; for instance, John Jay's place at the top of all CUNY senior colleges for peer-reviewed works per capita, for the third year in a row. 

The Office for the Advancement of Research made the shift away from an annual reporting of research metrics to a more comprehensive, narrative magazine approach in 2018. You can find the back issues of Impact on the website as well. Click on the picture above or visit to browse the magazine. 

You can also find a PDF of the 2020 issue, as well as back issues and metrics, listed below. We congratulate our scholars on continuing to make research and academic discourse a vital part of John Jay College's mission of 'Educating for Justice.' 


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