History Minor

History Minor


Description. The Department of History offers students the opportunity to earn a minor in History by completing 18 credits (six courses) in the department. One course is required, HIS 150 Doing History.  After completing HIS 150, students are invited to select from the electives offered by the Department of History to complete the minor. At least one elective must be at the 300-level or above to earn a History minor.

Rationale. The study of history supports the analytical skills desired by many graduate programs, including law schools, by teaching students to evaluate evidence, and present and defend arguments about historical change based on evidence. It also provides students with important information about the world in which they live, the process of social change and the factors affecting it, and the creation and evolution of cultural institutions. Students with a strong historical background will be well equipped to work in public institutions because they will have a coherent understanding of the purpose and limitations of public systems. They also will be excellent employees in private institutions because they will understand and be able to support the social and economic purposes of private industry. Finally, students who have studied history make more conscious and active citizens, because they are aware of the role of race and class in America. They are cognizant of the rich history of America's political institutions and their civic responsibilities to use, protect, and maintain their political and legal rights.

Credits. 18

Minor coordinator. Professor Andrea Balis, Department of History (212.237.8132, abalis@jjay.cuny.edu)

Requirements. Students wishing to minor in History must complete HIS 150 and five additional elective courses. At least one course must be at the 300-level or above. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student's major, other minor or program.

Additional Information. Students who enrolled for the first time at the College in September 2015 or thereafter must complete the minor in the form presented here. Students who enrolled prior to that date may choose the form shown here or the earlier version of the minor. A copy of the earlier version may be obtained in the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin.

PART ONE. REQUIRED COURSE                              Subtotal: 3 credits

HIS 150 Doing History

PART TWO. ELECTIVES                                            Subtotal: 15 credits

Select any five HIS courses, at least one must be at the 300-level or higher.

The list below is illustrative and arranged for students by their particular interest.  Students are not limited to these courses, they can use any HIS course toward the minor. 

ART 222 Body Politics
HIS 201 American Civilization- From Colonialism through the Civil War
HIS 202 American Civilization - From 1865 to the Present
HIS 203 The Ancient World (was Global History: Prehistory to 500 C.E.)
HIS 204 The Medieval World (was Global History: 500 to 1650)
HIS 205 The Modern World (was Global History: 1650 to Present)
HIS 206/MUS 206 Orchestral Music and the World Wars
HIS 217 History of NYC (was Three Hundred Years of NYC)
HIS 219 Violence and Social Change in America
HIS 224 A History of Crime in New York City
HIS 225 American Problems of Peace, War, and Imperialism, 1840 to the Present
HIS 240 Historiography
HIS 242/POL 242/LLS 242 U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America
HIS 252 Warfare in the Ancient Near East and Egypt
HIS 254 History of Ancient Greece and Rome
HIS 256 History of Muslim Societies and Communities
HIS 260/LLS 260 History of Contemporary Cuba
HIS 264 China to 1650
HIS 265/LLS 265 Class, Race and Family in Latin American History
HIS 269 History of World Slavery (to 1650 CE)
HIS 270 Marriage in Medieval Europe
HIS 274 China: 1650-Present
HIS 277 American Legal History
HIS 281 Imperialism in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East
HIS 320 Topics in the History of Crime & Punishment in U.S (was History of Crime & Punishment in U.S.)
HIS 323 History of Lynching and Collective Violence
HIS 325 Criminal Justice in European Society, 1750 to the Present
HIS 340 Modern Military History from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
HIS 354 Law and Society in Ancient Athens and Rome
HIS 356/GEN 356 Sexuality, Gender, and Culture in Muslim Societies
HIS 359 History of Islamic Law
HIS 362 History of Science and Medicine: Prehistory to 1650
HIS 364/GEN 364 History of Gender and Sexuality: Prehistory to 1650
HIS 366 Religions of the Ancient World
HIS 368 Law and Society in the Ancient Near East
HIS 370 Ancient Egypt
HIS 374 Premodern Punishment
HIS 375 Female Felons in the Premodern World (was Female Felons in Premodern Europe & Americas)
HIS 380 The Secret Police in Western Society
HIS 381 Social History of Catholicism in the Modern World
HIS 383 History of Terrorism
HIS 389 Independent Study 300-level
MUS 310 Comparative History of African American Musics


A maximum of one course from this subcategory may be applied to the elective requirement for the History minor.

HIS 100 Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
HIS 106 Historical Perspectives on Justice and Inequality
HIS 127 Microhistories: A Lens into the Past
HIS 131 Topics in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
HIS 144 Reacting to the Past
HIS 208 Exploring Global History
HIS 352 History and Justice in the Wider World

Total: 18 credits
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