Fire Science Minor

Fire Science Minor

FIRE SCIENCE MINORMinor Coordinator. Professor Robert Till, Department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management ( 212.484.1379,

Credits. 18

Requirements. Student complete two required courses (6 credits) and four electives (12 credits). One elective must be at the 300-level. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student’s major, other minors or programs.

Additional information: Students who enrolled for the first time at the College or selected this minor in September 2016 or thereafter must complete the minor in the form presented here. Students who enrolled prior to that date may choose the form shown here or the earlier version of the minor. A copy of the earlier version can be obtained in the 2015–2016 Undergraduate Bulletin.

PART ONE. REQUIRED COURSES                                                           Subtotal: 6 credits

FIS 101 Introduction to Fire Science
FIS 106 Safety Engineering

PART TWO. ELECTIVE COURSES                                                            Subtotal: 12 credits

Select four. At least one course must be at the 300-level.

FIS 104 Risk Management
FIS 202 Fire Protection Systems
FIS 205 Fire Service Hydraulics
FIS 207 Water-based Fire Suppression Systems
FIS 210 Fire Safety Administration
FIS 220/MAT 220/PSC 220 Survey of the Concepts of Operations Research
FIS 230 Building Construction and Life Safety System I
FIS 257 Fire Dynamics
FIS 319 Hazard Identification and Mitigation
FIS 330 Building Construction and Life Safety Systems II

Total Credit Hours: 18
Last Updated: 9/28/16