The DREAM.US Internship Fund

The DREAM.US Internship Fund

Overview of the Dream.US Internship Funding Program 

TheDream.US, in partnership with its Partner Colleges, will provide internship funds for Scholars with and without work authorization. These
internships will enable TheDream.US Scholars to:
• Gain and demonstrate skills
• Explore career paths
• Build their networks
• Earn payment for their internship experience

We can help you secure an internship if you don't have one. If you are already completing an unpaid internship, we can help you receive funding for it. 

Internship Eligibility 

The application will be posted on Parker Dewey, which is an organization dedicated to providing equitable access to professional opportunities. 

  • Current Dream.US Scholar who is enrolled at a partner college 
  • Structured as independent contracting – no work authorization required
  • Must have SSN or ITIN at the time of application 
  • Has a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Current Dream.US Scholar who is enrolled at a partner college 

Hours and Payment 

Total payment will be determined prior to the start of the experience based on the estimated hours you and your host organization agree on. The internship does require between 100 hours. These hours can be completed remotely, on-site, or hybrid.  Payment will equate to 20/hour. 

  • The maximum funds a scholar can receive is $2,000
  • Internships at or below 99 hours will be paid in 1 payment at completion
  • Internships at or above 100 hours will be paid in 2  equal payments 
  • *Independent contracting, not an hourly wage 


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