Center on Race, Crime and Justice

Center on Race, Crime and Justice

Welcome to the Center on Race, Crime, and Justice 

A member of the Research Consortium of John Jay College

The Center is a multifaceted multidisciplinary entity for exploring critical issues at the intersection of race / ethnicity, crime and justice. Through a visiting scholars program, community partnerships and collaborative efforts within the College and across the University, Center participants conduct funded research aimed at answering several of the “big questions” that plague our understanding of crime and justice in a diverse society.

The findings from these research efforts are disseminated through Center sponsored colloquia and workshops designed to help faculty incorporate this important information within their course content. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral student researchers play a vital role in the Center’s functioning. Publication of research findings and reports is ongoing.

We welcome contributions to this research


Attention, Students:

The Center on Race, Crime, and Justice is seeking student volunteers with a serious interest in issues of race, crime, and equity in justice. Undergraduate, Masters, or Doctoral level students of John Jay College are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to the Center Director, Dr. Delores Jones Brown, at

Schedules are flexible, and students will have an opportunity to gain valuable research experience and connect with others in the field.