About US

About US

The Art and Music Department offers a wide and comprehensive range of courses in music performance, music composition, music technology, music history, comparative musics, studio art, art history, and art and justice.


Music, one of the most universal and fundamental art forms, reflects virtually every aspect of personal and social experience. Through the development of its skills and the consideration of its history, we see how broader cultural patterns are reflected in music specifically, and in art forms generally. The music courses will ensure musical fundamentals among the students, and in conjunction with advanced courses will allow them to express their creativity while developing an understanding of the place of music in the history of the world.


Art courses provide students with the opportunity to integrate art with other academic and research pursuits. They are designed for students to pursue studies in both studio art and art history with an integrated, mixed media approach. Students in Art are not necessarily pursuing careers as practicing professional artists and art historians. They are seeking a unique program of study where the visual arts provide opportunities to problem-solve creatively and efficiently.