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Women's Center for Gender Justice

Women's Center for Gender Justice

Our Mission

The Women’s Center for Gender Justice seeks to advance knowledge of gender equity and women’s issues through educational programming, counseling and activism. We collaborate with clubs and organizations at John Jay and throughout the New York City area to promote gender equity, LGBTQ rights, anti-violence education, and reproductive justice. The Women’s Center for Gender Justice is a safe space for all students and their allies, and supportive of student diversity.  

Meet the Staff

Elizabeth Yukins, Director

Elizabeth Yukins, Director (pronouns: she/her)

Elizabeth Yukins is the director of the Women's Center for Gender Justice and a professor in the English Department. She received her MA and PhD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in twentieth-century American literature, with particular interests in critical race theory, gender studies, and law and literature. 

Interesting Fact: The most she ever learned was during her time spent as a construction worker in San Francisco, and her favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry's "Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz."


Jessica Robles-Morales Headshot

Jessica Robles-Morales, Program Manager (pronouns: she/her)

Jessica Robles-Morales is the Program Manager and a fierce advocate for reproductive justice. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Community Health from Hofstra University and a Master of Arts in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. At John Jay, Jessica oversees all aspects of the Gender Justice Advocates Program,  strategically hosts events to support the Women's Center for Gender Justice's mission, and seeks collaboartive opportunities with on-campus and off-campus organizations. Jessica volunteers with National Organization for Women to ensure the creation of intersectional policies, programs, and practices. She is a NYC native and a chocolate enthusiast, who enjoys traveling and trying new ways to exercise.

Interesting Fact: Jessica has held every major human organ in her hands.  


Jessica Greenfield HeadshotJessica Greenfield, Women's Center Counselor and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Advocate (pronouns: she/her)

Jessica Greenfield is the Women’s Center Counselor and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Advocate. She is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in gender-based violence, sexual health, and LGBTQI issues. Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a Master of Science from the Columbia University School of Social Work. At John Jay, she provides advocacy and personal counseling to students, and conducts trainings on Title IX and other topics related to gender justice. Jessica is also a registered yoga teacher and teaches a weekly yoga class for students, faculty, and staff. She has been a passionate advocate for gender justice for as long as she can remember. 

Interesting Fact: Jessica has a three-legged cat, who is also a feminist.


Alison Kaslow, CounselorAlison Kaslow, Women's Center and LGBTQ Counselor (pronouns: she/her)

Alison Kaslow is a licensed social worker, Mental Health Service Corps Member and counselor in the Women’s Center for Gender Justice. Alison earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University. Alison has both individual and group counseling experience working in NYC public schools, and the health and fitness field.  Alison has also worked with teachers and administrations in implementing school wide behavior management plans and crisis intervention protocols. Specifically, she specializes in working with LGBTQ youth, clinically and systematically. Alison is also a certified spin instructor and has worked with adults struggling with weight related issues, along with being a published peer contributor to the book “Free Your Child from Overeating.” 

Interesting Fact: Alison doesn’t like any seafood! Bummer. 


Kayla M. Walker HeadshotKayla M. Walker, LGBTQ Program Coordinator (pronouns: she/her)

Kayla M. Walker earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish in May 2016 from Saint Joseph's University, where her undergraduate career was shaped by a semester abroad in Granada, Spain and her experiences as a student leader in the Office of Multicultural Life, New Student Orientation, and the Office of Residence Life. As a queer Black woman and first generation college graduate, Kayla faced her identities for the first time in college, with many of her experiences leading to the question "what does it mean to be me on this campus?" Currently, the LBGTQ+ Program Coordinator at John Jay College, Kayla invites into conversation students who may also find themselves asking "what does it mean to be me on this campus?" Kayla is working towards a Masters Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs at New York University to further develop her ability to support students' identity exploration.

Interesting Fact: I'm a minimalist and own under 50 pair of clothing items, shoes and accessories included!