What Our Students Say

What Our Students Say

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Student comments from our 2016 National Tutoring Week

“It was probably the best decision to come here! He helped me tremendously! He was so patient & helpful”


 “Helpful, timely, accessible. Approachable, professional – I appreciate you dude.”


“Thank you for helping me understand radicals. You explained it perfectly. I am more confident about it.”


“AMAZING!! Super nice, smart, & patient. Was a great help great explanation & tutors extremely well! Thank you.”


“Without your consistent help I wouldn’t have the understanding of chemistry that I have.”


“I really appreciate your help. You’ve made STA 250 very understandable. Thank you for your help. You’re great!”


“Very helpful and made sure I actually understood using different methods. REALLY HELPFUL!”


“Extremely helpful, took his time to explain everything step by step. I hope he can be available for all my appointments! THANK YOU!”


“By far the best tutor! Made it so easy and fun for me. Next appointment, I will love to have her. Creating fun ways for me to remember things! Thank you so much!”


“Very fun, energetic, exciting, funny tutor. Makes everything a lot easier.”


“Thanks for helping me not fail!”


Student comments from our 2015 National Tutoring Week



Student comments from our 2014 National Tutoring Week

Some student comments from our 2012 National Tutoring Week:


Some student comments from our 2011 - 2012 Student Satisfaction Survey:

“The people are friendly and everyone has a style of teaching that is different. It is easy to learn something valuable from each tutor. Also it is nice to have diversity in the MSRC.”

“[MSRC is] a place to study and review with other students, and to ask tutors when faced with a problem.”


“Helpful staff and good tutors!”


“…the ability of tutors to explain complex ideas into smaller and simple terms.”


“It gives me confidence about myself and I get encouraged to work harder.”


“The best thing is that everyone knows their stuff.....its very hard to have a favorite tutor because all of the tutors make math funny and interesting. I look forward to going next semester as well.”


“The computers in the lab, the schedule, and the tutors seem that they truly want to help.”


“The close attention you have with the tutor you can't have in the class with the other 20+ students.”


“It is there for help, and it is a very friendly environment.”


“[Best thing about MSRC is] the math final workshops!”


“The MAP program, it was definitely helpful!”


“A variety of appointment times and dates allow me to be flexible with my schedule when it comes to scheduling appointments.”


“Tutors who actually tutor and know what they are talking about… and the convenience of everything from the times to the book to the computers”


“The tutors are helpful and encourage you to do well. They allow the student to do the work on their own but incorporate their guidance in a[n] appropriate manner.”


“Hearing another version that may help in understanding the material better.”


“The tutors are knowledgeable, easy to understand and really want to be there to help us understand the content!”


Some student comments from our Fall 2010 Student Satisfaction Survey:


" There is no one best thing. The atmosphere is one of the best things about the MSRC because I am actually able to study and get work done when I am there, something that I am unable to do at home. The other great thing about the MSRC is the tutors. They are extremely knowledgeable, but not to the point where it feels as if they are insulting one's intelligence."


" It is convenient and has hours that can accommodate a person's schedule."


" [I like...] how quickly a tutor can get you to understand material, and how almost every single time they are completely and totally patient with you."


" The best thing about the MSRC is that a person is being helped by their peers in a subject and not by another professor. I believe that there is no better way to understand a subject than through the minds of someone that was in the same position you are in."


" The tutors really help and encourage you to learn."


" Several tutors for a particular subject, gives you the ability to get a feel of which tutor you may feel more comfortable working with and learning from."


Some student comments from our 2010 National Tutoring Week:


Some student comments from our 2008 Student Satisfaction Survey:

"I was a struggling math student before signing up for tutoring, but with the help of Sam & Sunita, I passed my course with an A-.  I strongly recommend the MSRC for all students that have difficulties with math.  The services you receive really pays off at the end.  But you have to be dedicated to the tutoring sessions.  I could never have passed the course without the help from the tutoring staff @ John Jay's MSRC program.  I thank you all.  It was greatly appreciated."


"Thank you guys so much!  You helped me achieve an A and B+ on those math classes.  I could have never done it without you!!" 


"I appreciate all the help that the tutors gave but more importantly there was a certain level of respect among everyone in the office.  The tutors made you open to build a relationship with them which made it a very comfortable environment."


"I think the Math & Science Resource Center is a wonderful place to seek additional and overall help.  During the Fall 2007 to Spring 2008 semesters I became a Math & Science Resource "bum."  I was always there not only because of the great help but also for the great tutors!"


"Good resource, very happy it was free, I would come before my class which was in the evening.  If the class was a little earlier, I would have come to the center later/after class near closing hours.  Good hour. "


"Math lab is essential.  I would have never been able to graduate w/out passing Math 108 -- because of the tutors/math lab, I passed w/ (B) average.  Still don't like math but don't have to worry about it anymore :)"


"I'm not that great at math, but coming to the resource center really helped me throughout the semester.  The tutors came up with helpful ideas that helped me remember how to do a specific math problem."


"It's good and I enjoy coming, great friendly staff."


"The MSRC has helped me a lot with the math courses I have taken at John Jay.  I think that with the help of the tutors at the center I have done a lot better than I would have done had I not used the center on a regular basis.  Thanks for all your help MSRC!"


"The tutors were very personable because they are/were also fellow students/peers.  They were eas[y] to understand."


"I can only recommend your services to other students.  The tutors are very helpful & friendly.  It would be much more convenient if there were more staff available… however the tutors do their best to accommodate everyone's needs.  EXCELLENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE."


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