Resources for Undocumented and DACA Students

Resources for Undocumented and DACA Students

Welcome to the John Jay resource page for undocumented students! We provide information here to help undocumented--both non-DACA and DACA--immigrant students reach their goals of college success. 

Karol Mason

Financial Support 

1. Immigrant Student Success Center Emergency Fund

Emergency financial support is open to John Jay immigrant students who are unable to meet essential/legal expenses due to Covid-19. Undergraduate and graduate John Jay students who are not eligible for federal financial aid may apply, regardless of immigration status. Priority will be given to students without permanent legal status.

Application currently closed 

2. Hispanic Federation Undocumented Student Support Fund

Hispanic Federation is a service-oriented membership organization that works with more than 100 Latino nonprofits in the Northeast and nationwide to promote the social, political and economic wellbeing of the Latino community.

Continuing its commitment to serve and support New York City’s young immigrant population, Hispanic Federation is proud to provide support funds to aid eligible undocumented students. HF is awarding student support funds to eligible students (see ‘Undocumented Student Support Fund Criteria’) in the form of tuition support or grocery assistance. 


  • Enrolled in at least 6 credits
  • Earned a degree from a high school or obtained a GED
  • Not eligible to apply for federal financial aid; and
  • Falls within the 400% federal poverty guidelines
  • Attend in one of the 5 NYC boroughs 


1. Download the application
2. We only need the answers to the questions in whichever format works for you. 
3. Email your completed application to Denise Vivar at
4. ImSSC will review your eligibility and your application
5. ImSSC will submit your answers electronically to the Hispanic Federation
6. The Hispanic Federation will approve and process the award

Currently Closed

3. Additional Financial Assistance at John Jay College 

Wellness Center Emergency Funding:
Thanks to the generosity of private donors, all John Jay students, including undocumented students are eligible for emergency grants of up to $1,500.  Click here for more information. 

Legal Assistance

If you have immigration-related questions such as questions about legal screenings for other legal options, there are
resources available at John Jay, CUNY, and from many nonprofit organizations that provide free or low-cost, high-quality, and confidential immigration law services. Contact us at and someone will contact you. 

Please also beware of fraudulent and deceptive practices by persons posing to be lawyers, such as those claiming to be “notaries.” When in doubt about a person or organization's legitimacy, check with a knowledgeable and reputable source, such as the ones on this site, before you proceed. 

DACA renewals

The ImSSC encourages students eligible to renew and apply for DACA to do so. The ImSSC can connect you and your family members to a trusted legal provider. Contact Denise Vivar at to schedule an appointment.

ImSSC also helps schedule appointments for legal screenings for you and your family to determine possible legal pathways forward. Screenings sessions are free and available twice a month. Contact Denise Vivar to make an appointment.

Mental Health

Please contact Denise Vivar to set up a same-day mental health appointment with a counselor in the Wellness Center who will be the best fit for your needs and most able to support you.

Postgraduate Support

For help with your post-graduate career, we encourage you to contact Denise Vivar for guidance. You can also take advantage of these non-John Jay resources.