For Students

For Students



Tutoring for Fall 2020 is available for the following courses, contingent upon tutor availability, starting August 31st:
  • BIO 101, 102, 103, 104, 255, 360
  • CHE 101, 102, 103, 104, 201, 220, 302, 315, 320
  • CSCI 101, 271, 272, 274, 360, 373,377
  • MAT 105, 106, 108, 141, 204, 241, 242,243, 301
  • PHY 101, 102, 203, 204
  • SCI 110, 112, 114
  • STA 250


You must be currently enrolled in a course in order to receive tutoring in it. If you are repeating a course in math or science, click here for information about the MSRC+ program. The MSRC+ program is only offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Tutoring in the MSRC is done in one-on-one 50-minute sessions. Scheduling appointments in advance is strongly recommended. Although we will try to accommodate walk-ins, our ability to do so is extremely limited. Before you begin tutoring, please familiarize yourself with our center policies by clicking the approriate link on the menu to your left.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, the MSRC provides the following tutorial services:

  • Walk-In support
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Drop-In Lab time
  • ALEKS Support
  • Study Groups
  • Exam Review Workshops
  • Topic Based Workshops


Please click here to see a more detailed description of our services.

Where to get help for subjects not covered by tutoring in the MSRC

For help in graduate-level statistics, please go to either Room 413T (the Law & Police Science Computer Lab, 212-237-800 x 2117) or room 436T (The Graduate Teaching Computer Lab, 212-237-8000 x 2120) or room 06.64NB (StatLab).

For tutoring in Economics, please contact the Economics department.

For GRE and other test prep, please contact the CSTEP coordinator (FOS majors). There is also a web site that offers free, self-paced GRE prep. For more information, please click here .

Tips for getting the most out of tutoring:
  1. Come for tutoring early and often. Students who begin tutoring at the beginning of the semester typically do better than those who wait. Similarly, students who come for tutoring regularly throughout the semester benefit more than those who attend only sporadically.
  2. Book your appointments early. During peak times, you may need to book at least a week in advance to get the times you want.
  3. Come prepared. Please bring your classnotes and textbook. Look over the readings and try the problems. If you can, bring a list of specific questions. The more you prepare, the more you will get out of the session.
  4. If you miss a class, please get notes from a classmate before your session. Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class.



The MSRC Resource Library contains required texts for all of the classes we tutor. It also contains molecular models, rulers and a limited supply of calculators. For health and safety reasons, we no longer lend lab goggles. Some instructors deposit special materials in our library such as videos of lectures or exam keys. A student ID is required to check out library resources and all resources are due back by a half-hour before close of business the same day. Under no circumstances may materials be kept out overnight. Please note that MSRC library resources are not to be used as a substitute for buying your own books. You are responsible for purchasing all of the required texts and materials for your classes!


The MSRC computer lab comprises 30 workstations and a network printer. Our computers run both Windows 7 and Linux as well as a variety of general and course-specific software. Computers are available for student use during the center's regular hours of operation, except when the lab has been reserved for use by an instructor or for staff training.

Before using the computer lab, please familiarize yourself with our center policies by clicking the appropriate link on the menu to your left.


Tables are available for students to study independently or in groups. Forming a study group is a great strategy for academic success. We encourage you to use the center's study tables to meet with your study group. Please note that the study tables are a place to study, not to socialize. You are expected to keep your voice down to library level at all times. We realize you need a place to meet and socialize with friends and classmates. We invite you to use the common areas elsewhere on the first floor this purpose. Individuals whose behavior disturbs students in tutoring will be asked to leave the MSRC.


Last updated 02/11/2020