Speech and Media/Theatre Minor

Speech and Media/Theatre Minor


Description and rationale. The Department of Communication and Theatre Arts offers minors in Speech, Media, and a combined minor in Speech and Media. The minors in Speech and Media are designed to help students gain confidence and power through enhancing the effectiveness of their communication performance and analysis. The combined minor helps to develop communication skills and analysis as a speaker, a performer and a critic of communication while focusing students’ course selection on their interests. The classes in these minors provide unique learning opportunities such as becoming a cast or crew member in one of the department’s plays, or learning video production techniques to create movies.

Minor coordinator. Professor Lorraine Moller, Department of Communication and Theatre Arts (212.237.8320, lmoller@jjay.cuny.edu)

Credits: 18

Requirements. Students must complete 18 credits in speech (COM or SPE course prefixes) including the required COM 113 course.

Note: No more than 6 credits toward these minors may be transfer credits. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student’s major, other minors or programs.