Spanish (BA)

Spanish (BA)

The Spanish major is designed to be flexible, creative, and meet a host of different goals, allowing students to develop the advanced linguistic skills and forms of cultural competence so frequently sought in today’s globally competitive and interconnected world. Students will choose between two concentrations. Option A equips students with the necessary knowledge, tools and abilities to become competent interpreters and translators. Option B is designed for students who wish to pursue a more general course of study of the varied cultural and literary histories of the Spanish speaking world. Graduates will be prepared for a number of jobs in government, nonprofit agencies, and the private sector, as well as entry into graduate and professional schools.

Learning Outcomes. Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced level competency in all language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in accordance with criteria  developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) while developing skills in critical and analytical thinking as well as sharpening research skills through discussion and analysis of different kind of texts, films, documents, and linguistic data.
  • Develop professional standards to give presentations in Spanish on a variety of cultural topics including literature, popular culture and films, or interpret speech and translate documents from one language to another, according to their interests.
  • Demonstrate intercultural competency through their contact and engagement with the cultures, literatures, history and politics of the diverse places where Spanish is spoken: the Americas— North, Central, and South―the Caribbean, and Europe.
  • Gain knowledge of the legal systems of the Spanish–speaking world.
  • Graduate with extraordinary international opportunities, whether they elect to undertake further specialized study in Hispanic literatures and cultures, or decide instead to translate and interpret from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Their knowledge of Hispanic cultures will enhance their career opportunities in publishing and journalism, public service, international law and business, social services, diplomacy.
  • Expand their career possibilities in many professional fields.

Coordinator. Professor Aida Martinez-Gomez, (212.621.3755,, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Advisors. Concentration A (Translation & Interpretation): Professor Aida Martinez-Gomez, (212.621.3755,; Concentration B (Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Culture): Professor Maria Julia Rossi, (212.237.8716,, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Credits Required.

Spanish Major (or more depending on placement)


General Education




Total Credits Required for B.A. Degree


Prerequisites. The Spanish major requires successful completion of the beginning Spanish sequence (SPA 101-SPA 102 OR SPA 111-SPA 112) or placement test results indicating an equivalent level of Spanish language comprehension. The placement exam is available in the Modern Language Lab in room 7.65.00 NB. These courses satisfy the requirements of the General Education program in the Flexible Core: World Cultures and Global Issues; and in the College Option: Communications areas.                                           

PART ONE. REQUIRED CORE COURSES                                             Subtotal: 12 credits

Language Practice 
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I OR SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish I for Heritage Students
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II OR SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish II for Heritage Students
SPA 215 Spanish Conversation and Composition

Career Emphasis                                                                                         
Select one
SPA 250 Spanish for Criminal Investigation
SPA 255 Spanish for the Professional


PART TWO. CONCENTRATIONS                                                                 Subtotal: 24 Credits

Select either Concentration A or Concentration B

Concentration A—Translation and Interpretation
Concentration A prepares students for positions as translators and interpreters generally, and specifically for positions requiring a background in legal concepts and terminology. 
SPA 230 Translating I 
SPA 231 Interpreting I 
SPA 330 Translating II 
SPA 333 Interpreting II
SPA 340 Legal Interpreting I 
SPA 435 Legal Translating

                                                                                                                                             Subtotal: 18 credits

Select two
SPA 309 The Theme of Justice in 20th-century Spanish Literature (Taught in Spanish)
SPA 321 Spanish Literature I
SPA 322 Spanish Literature II
SPA 331 Latin–American Literature I
SPA 332 Latin–American Literature II 
SPA 336 Themes of Justice in Latin American Literature and Film (Taught in Spanish)
SPA 337 Text Analysis and Editing for Translators
SPA 339 Translating III: Specialized Translation 
SPA 357 Violence Against Women in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPA 380 Advanced Selected Topics in Spanish

SPA 440 Legal Interpreting II 
SPA 478 Internship in Spanish Interpretation and Translation 

                                                                                                                                             Subtotal: 6 credits

Concentration B—Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Cultures
Concentration B is designed for students who wish to pursue a more general course of study in Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures. Students who elect Concentration B can achieve levels of cultural knowledge and sophistication that should make them particularly attractive to employers in such areas as government, international relations, business, marketing (both domestically and in Spain or Latin America), journalism, the foreign service, and certain NGOs in the non-profit sector.

Select one 300-level Spanish Literature course                                                                                          
SPA 321 Spanish Literature I
SPA 322 Spanish Literature II 

Select one 300-level Latin American Literature course 
SPA 331 Latin American Literature I
SPA 332 Latin–American Literature II

Select one 300-level Theme of Justice throught Literature and/or Film course 
SPA 309 The Theme of Justice in Spanish Literature (Taught in Spanish)
SPA 336 Themes of Justice in Latin American Literature and Film (Taught in Spanish)

Select one 400-level course
SPA 401 Contemporary Issues in Hispanic Literature

                                                                                                                                             Subtotal: 12 credits

Select four                                                                                                      
SPA 230 Translating I

SPA 231 Interpreting I
SPA 320 Latin-American Theatre Taller de Teatro/Theatre Workshop 
SPA 351 Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues in Hispanic Film and Literature
SPA 354 Hispanic Film 
SPA 357 Violence Against Women in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPA 359 The African Legacy in Latin America Through Literature and Films 

SPA 380 Advanced Selected Topics in Spanish 
FRE 201 Intermediate French I

POR 201 Intermediate Portuguese I 
                                                                                                                                            Subtotal: 12 credits


  • A semester of study abroad in a Spanish-speaking university, approved by the student's major advisor and department chair, may substitute for up to fifteen (15) credit hours toward the major.
  • All courses used for the major must be taught primarily in the Spanish language except for the POR 201 and FRE 201 electives.

                                                                                                                   Total Credit Hours: 36

                                                                                                                           Last Updated: 2/20/18