SEEK Academic Support Center

SEEK Academic Support Center


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Welcome to the SEEK Academic Support Center!

                               "Academic Support is not only for catching up, It's Best for Getting Ahead!"

The Center for Humanities & Social Sciences Room 438 Haaren Hall (212) 237-8883 

The Center for Math & Science Room 439 Haaren Hall (212) 393-6349

Academic Support is one of three pillars of assistance that students receive in becoming a member of the SEEK Department; Counseling and Financial Aid are the other two. Through the use of academic support, students’ opportunity to attain a college degree has been demonstrated to improve. Utilizing our services throughout the college years, from freshmen year to the senior year, students enrich their understanding of concepts and procedures which enhance their chance to be successful.

Two Centers, the Humanities & Social Sciences and the Math & Science, provide support to students in their academic pursuits. Both Centers are staffed by trained Learning Facilitators who are invested in student success. 

Facilitators begin work with students on the first day of classes. In gateway English and Math courses, appointments are made for students. For non-gateway English and Math courses, students may schedule appointments either in the Centers or online. Whether the appointment is made by the Centers or by the student, the expectation of starting on the first day of classes remains the same. Students who use assistance prior to having a need for assistance are generally more successful in their studies than those who do not.

The Center for Humanities and Social Sciences supports students in the writing process for a variety of subjects. From idea development to the completion of the assignment, Learning Facilitators support students throughout the process. In addition, the staff assists students in understanding syllabi from various courses, understanding the requirements of courses, and provides assistance with content of several courses.

Similarly, the Center for Math & Science supports students enrolled in math and science courses. The Facilitators guide the students in understanding the requirements for each course, share success strategies, and motivate students to complete the course requirements. 

The staffs of the Centers look forward to working with you throughout your college career! 


The SEEK  Academic Support Team


Center for Humanities & Social Science 212.237.8883

Center for Math & Science 212.393.6349