Privacy in the Age of AI lecture

Privacy in the Age of AI lecture

Dr. Helen Nissenbaum,  Professor of Information Science at Cornell Tech and Director of the Digital Life Initiative, presents “contextual integrity” as a contemporary understanding of privacy. According to the theory of “contextual integrity,” privacy is defined as a level of information flow appropriate in the context; the norms that determine what is appropriate in each sphere depend on human activity, social values, and the goals of participants.

This lecture will be followed by remarks by Professor Douglas Salane, Chairman of Mathematics and Computer Science and Director of the Center for Cybercrime Studies and by Professor Jonathan Jacobs.

To explore Professor Nissenbaum’s work, please use the links below.

Contextual Integrity Up and Down the Data Food Chain, published in Theoretical Inquires in Law (2019)

Respecting Context to Protect Privacy: Why Meaning Matters, published in Science and Engineering Ethics (2015)

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