Podcasts on Teaching

Podcasts on Teaching

Our Podcasts on Teaching series features some of the best teaching and learning reflections from our John Jay faculty. These 10-20 minute interviews highlight best teaching practices, responses to questions of social justice and pedagogy, and transformations in teaching identities. We’ve provided content tags for each podcast to help you find your listening preferences. Please bookmark these for your commute or when you need inspiration in the middle of your day!

In this podcast series, Associate Provost for Faculty Allison Pease discusses teaching and learning with this year’s Distinguished Teaching Prize winners. In addition to reflections about winning the award, faculty share their experience and expertise with teaching and learning as noted in the content tags below each podcast title. Click, listen, and renew your faith in great teachers engaged in supporting student learning!

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                 John Jay Distinguished Teaching Prize Winners (2002-2016)

Content tags:
Low stakes writing
 Ditching topics for questions
Reading the world as text
Life Out Loud series
Recognizing rhetorical craft
The importance of storytelling

Writing Program Director and English Department Lecturer Christen Madrazo



                              John Jay Distinguished Teaching Prize Winners 2017
          .                            Carla Barrett                                  Robert Faunce                                  Alexander Long
  Assistant Professor of Sociology      Adjunct Assistant Professor              Associate Professor 
                                                                       of English and Gender Studies                    of English
                 Content tags:                                                Content tags:                                              Content tags:
                Group Work                                               Group Work, Trust                                    Student Motivation
         Race in the Classroom                                Flexibility, Scaffolding                                     Growth Mindset
             Writing to Learn                                  Humanizing the Professor                                    Active Reading
                Vulnerability                             Learning from Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick                        Empathy                           
                 Interview                                                        Interview                                               Interview


                           John Gregory Donaldson                                              Isabel Martinez 
                             Associate Professor of                                           Assistant Professor of 
                    Communication and Theatre Arts                   Latin American & Latina/o Studies
                                          Interview                                                                    Interview


                                  Elton Beckett                                                             Michael Yarbrough 
   Professor of Communication & Theatre Arts                  Assistant Professor of Political Science
                                       Interview                                                                          Interview