Master of Science in Protection Management

Master of Science in Protection Management

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PROTECTION MANAGEMENTProgram Director: Professor Charles Nemeth

The Master of Science in Protection Management Program provides advanced professional education in theory, design, management and operation of fire and security protection, and emergency management systems. Programs and procedures, and their practical application, are explored in a variety of public, commercial and residential settings.

Program details:
Degree Requirements
Required Courses
Required Management and Analytic Courses
- Specializations
- Required Courses

Degree Requirements

The program requires 39 credits of coursework. Students will specialize in fire protection, security management, or emergency management.

All students must take a one-part comprehensive examination, composed of the core knowledge of the curriculum, to be administered twice annually. In lieu of the Comprehensive Exam, students may elect to author a graduate Thesis.  

See Graduate College Bulletin for course description.

Required Courses                      Subtotal: 15 credits

Protection Management 701 Introduction to Protection Management Systems
Protection Management 711 Introduction to Emergency Management
Protection Management 712 Theory and Design of Fire Protection Systems  
Protection Systems Management 740 Safety and Security in the Built Environment
Protection Management 781 Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention

Required Management and Analytic Courses             Subtotal: 12 credits

Public Administration 702 Human Resources Management
Public Administration 705 Organization Theory and Management
Public Administration 715 Research Methods in Public Administration or
Protection Management 715 Analytical Methods in Protection Management
Public Administration 744 Capital and Operational Budgeting

Specializations                        Subtotal: 9 credits

Complete three courses from a selected specialization:

Security Management

Select three courses
Criminal Justice 750 Public Administration 750 Security of Information and Technology
Criminal Justice 754 /Public Administration 754 Investigative Techniques
Protection Management 753 Theory and Design of Security Systems
Protection Management 754 Contemporary Issues in Security Management

Fire Protection Management

Select three courses

Protection Management 703 Analysis of Building and Fire Codes
Protection Management 751 Contemporary Fire Protection Issues
Protection Management 752 Advanced Fire Protection Systems

Emergency Management

Select three courses

Protection Management 760 Emergency Management:Mitigation and Recovery
Protection Management 763 Emergency Management: Preparedness and Response


Protection Management 761 Technology in Emergency Management
Protection Management 762 Business Continuity Planning

Electives Subtotal: 3 credits

Select one course
Criminal Justice 744 Terrorism and Politics
Criminal Justice 746 Terrorism and Apocalyptic Violence
Public Administration 726 The Politics and Process of Outsourcing
Public Administration 748 Project Management

Any other PMT or FPM course not otherwise required.

Any other relevant graduate course by permission of the program director.

Total: 39 credits