MAP Program (For Students Repeating a Course)

MAP Program (For Students Repeating a Course)

The Math Advancement Program (MAP) provides extra academic support to students who are repeating a course.  Each participant is paired with an experienced tutor for one-on-one tutoring in a standing, weekly appointment for the duration of the semester.  Participants are encouraged to supplement their weekly individual appointment with small group appointments as needed. 

Eligible students are those registered for a course covered by tutoring in the MSRC in which they have previously received a grade of F, FIN, R, or any form of W.  Participation is voluntary and free of charge.  However, students who choose to participate must sign a contract agreeing to meet the requirements of the program, including mandatory attendance at weekly, one-on-one tutoring appointments.  Students who fail to meet the program requirements will be dropped from the MAP program but may still participate in the general small group tutoring program. 

Beginning in the Fall 2012 semester, MAP has been expanded to include every course covered by tutoring in the MSRC.  To participate in the MAP program, students must meet with the Center Director, during the first week of classes to sign a MAP Tutee Contract and select a day and time for weekly one-on-one tutoring.  Please click on News, Announcements & Deadlines for exact dates.

Click here to view a copy of the MAP Tutee Contract..


Last updated 10/8/2016