Major and Minor Curriculum

Major and Minor Curriculum

Bachelor of Arts in Latin American and Latinx Studies

This major explores the context and forces that have shaped the experiences of members of Latin American societies and U.S. Latinx communities. The major engages students in the interdisciplinary study of the political, historical, socio-economic and cultural possibilities and obstacles for achieving social justice and equity; cross-cultural and intercultural understanding; respect for human integrity and dignity; and awareness of political and human rights. Students will gain an integrated understanding of two fields of growing significance: Latin American studies and the study of Latinx in the United States. (Admissions Information).
Major Advisor: Professor Brian Montes, 212.237.6809

Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor

This multi-disciplinary minor and program includes courses in the areas of history, culture, law, psychology, sociology, politics and literature relating to the experience of Puerto Rican/Latinx in the United States and of Latin Americans in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Minor Advisor: Professor Brian Montes, 212.237.6809

Latin American and Latinx Studies Honors Minor

This minor seeks to encourage and assist students enrolled to excel in all their courses by providing research and writing skills workshops as well as workshops about graduate and law school studies. Coursework is centered on Latin America and the Caribbean, Latinx in the United States as well as race and ethnicity generally in the United States. For more details contact the minor advisor.
Honors Minor Advisor: Professor Brian Montes, 212.237.6809

Minor in Latinx Literature

This minor examines U.S. Latinx authors writing in English and focuses on the four major U.S. Latinx groups – Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican – as well as other significant U.S. Latinx populations – Colombian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan. While applying literary criticism and taking an interdisciplinary approach, which may also include the study of music, religion, politics, film, and the visual arts, this minor provides a well–rounded understanding of the cultural elements that contribute to U.S. Latinx Literature. In addition, this minor will enable students to develop the critical reading and writing skills essential for graduate study and careers in the law, education, public policy, writing, and government. Among the broad issues this minor will address include the following: diaspora; bilingual aesthetics; street literature; criminal and social justice; border narratives, citizenship, and the law; experiences of exile; Afro–Latinidad; Latina feminisms; queer identities; orality; and ethnicity.Minor Advisor: Professor Belinda Rincón, 212.237.8650