Program Requirements

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Human Rights requires 36 credits of coursework, consisting of 8 required courses and 4 elective courses. Students should be able to complete the degree program in two years of full-time study or four years of part-time study.

The program culminates for all students in HR 750, Advanced Seminar in Human Rights, in which students participate in collaborative research and advocacy with a human rights organization serving as a client, and produce a value added original policy paper to serve the organization’s needs.

Students also have the option of engaging in an internship or those with overall GPAs of 3.5, and an A- or better in ICJ 715 may write a thesis with the approval of the program director. Internships and theses can count toward elective credit.

Written and oral proficiency in a foreign language is strongly recommended, particularly for those interested in pursuing careers in international human rights. 

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