Legal Resources

Legal Resources

An estimated 15-18% of DACA-mented individuals qualify for another sort of legal relief or way to remain in the country legally. Non-DACA individuals including both students and their family members also have options of which they may not be aware.

John Jay College Wellness Center Legal Aid
The John Jay Wellness Center provides access to a lawyer from Legal Aid Society every Wednesday from 4-7 by appointment.

Immigration Screenings at John Jay
Cynthia Carvajal ( Immigrant Student Success Center Manager), arranges immigration screenings on and off campus for students and families periodically. Please contact her at,, if you’re interested.

Contact Cynthia Carval email: or for more legal resources. Or visit the Immigrant Student Success Center L2.69.11 New Building.


Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society’s Immigration Unit provides free legal services. Fact Sheet on Immigration Executive Orders: EnglishSpanishChinese


Other Legal Resources

If you have immigration-related questions, there are resources available at John Jay, CUNY, and from many nonprofit organizations that provide free or low cost, high-quality and confidential immigration law services.* Below is a list of some resources that are available to assist you.

Resources within CUNY

CUNY Citizenship Now provides free, high quality, and confidential immigration law services for CUNY students and other New Yorkers.

NYU School of Law Teach-In and Know Your Rights Presentations
A deeply informative series of presentations ensuring that you know your rights in the event of a raid, detention and deportation proceedings, or police encounter. It also includes ways to prepare for the new presidential administration if you have a criminal record, have DACA, are undocumented, and more.

Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services
Catholic Charities provides legal consultations, representation and assistance to documented and undocumented newcomers of all nationalities, ethnicities and religions. All matters are treated professionally and confidentially.

United We Dream
United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, organizes and advocates on behalf of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status.

Immigrant Defense Project 
IDP’s services include legal advice, impact litigation, legal training, post-conviction relief, Padilla support center, defender support, advocacy, and community defense. For free legal helpline call 212-725-6422.

New York Immigration Coalition 
The New York Immigration Coalition organizes and advocates on behalf of immigrants.

To Report Hate Crimes

Governor Cuomo's Hate Crimes Reporting Hotline: 1-888-392-3644
New York City’s Hate Crimes Task Force: 1-646-610-5267

*Please beware of fraudulent and deceptive practices by persons posing to be lawyers, such as those claiming to be “notarios.” When in doubt about a person or organization's legitimacy, check with a knowledgeable and reputable source, such as one above, before you proceed.