Our Team

Our Team

IPRU Director

C. Gabrielle Salfati, M.Sc., Ph.D., C.Psychol, F.IA-IP 
Professor, Department of Psychology
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Professor C. Gabrielle Salfati is part of the first group of people who emerged within the new field of Investigative Psychology, and was instrumental in its development as an international research field on the empirical analysis of violent criminal behavior, in particular the advancement of the science of offender profiling. Her main areas of expertise are homicide and sexual offenses, in particular with reference to developing key research methodologies related to offender profiling, classifications of violent crime, and linking serial crime. All of the work in the IPRU is developed in collaboration with law enforcement agencies internationally. She has presented and published widely and internationally on her work, and trains homicide investigators, crime analysts and other criminal justice professionals.

IPRU Faculty

Marina Sorochinski, PhD 

Dr. Marina Sorochinski received her PhD from the Psychology & Law Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, USA. She conducts research on serial crime linkage, criminal behavioral consistency and behavioral classification, as well as deception detection. 


IPRU PhD Students

Jeffery Osborne 

Jeffery Osborne is a Criminal Justice doctoral student and adjunct lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the CUNY Graduate Center. Jeffery is a senior member the Investigative Psychology Research Unit, managing data collection activities. His research topics include homicide, serial crime, active shooter events, and environmental criminology.


Kimberley Schanz 

Kimberley Schanz is a Psychology & Law PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Within the IPRU she coordinates the Homicide and Rape Profiling Index (HPI-R) project, and is involved in new student recruitment, grant writing, and research surrounding the CSI effect and linking. Her primary research interests are in linking crimes and establishing the practical application of profiling research in the investigative and legal fields.


Teresa Curmi 

Teresa Curmi is a Psychology & Law PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Within the IPRU she coordinates the Profiling in Court (PIC) project. Her research interests include offender profiling and decision-making, investigative training techniques, and control examined in the context of violent behavior.


IPRU Research Assistants

The IPRU has a team of dedicated RA's who aid in data collection and analysis for ongoing research projects. If you are interested in joining the IPRU as an RA, please see Info for Students.

IPRU Associates

Carrie Trojan, PhD 

Dr. Carrie Trojan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Western Kentucky University, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in criminal justice, law enforcement, criminal law, criminological theory and homicide. She earned her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Her research to date has focused on the prior criminal offending of single-victim and serial homicide offenders and the link between prior offending to homicide crime scene behaviors. Her current research focuses on variations in wounding and crime scene behaviors in homicide according to the victim-offender relationship, likelihood of homicide victimization across gender, racial, and age groups, the influence of popular crime dramas on the criminal justice system (the CSI Effect) and definitional, measurement, and methodological issues in offender profiling research. She has collaborated on research projects with both national and municipal law enforcement agencies and is a member of several national organizations.


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