Info for Students

Info for Students

Are you interested in joining the IPRU?

Information for PhD Students
For information on completing a PhD in the IPRU, please email our student liaison at
Professor Salfati welcomes PhD students in Psychology & Law, and Criminal Justice. For more information on our programs please see HERE

Information for Master's Students
PSY746 Empirical Profiling Methods: This course deals with advanced issues relating to the empirical and scientific study, development and evaluation of offender profiling as an applied method for use in police investigations, as it is studied in the field of Investigative Psychology. The main psychological principles upon which offender profiling is based are outlined, including classification of criminal behavior, and behavioral change and consistency. The course will further build on this by focusing on methodological questions relating to classifying crime scene behaviors, linking behavioral types to offender characteristics, and linking serial offences, and looking at profiling in the practical context of the investigative and legal system.

PSY748 Empirical Crime Scene Analysis (taught in Spring only): This class aims to introduce students to crime scene analysis and profiling research, using actual police crime files that are part of a collaborative research project between John Jay and the FBI, and will take them through the process of completing a research project from start to finish. This class provides an excellent basis for students to complete a thesis in the IPRU or PhD Studies, or for entrance in law enforcement. Pre-requisites: PSY746, PSY715, and PSY737 (this last one can also be done as a co-requisite).

PSY794 Independent Study: Pre-requisite PSY746

PSY791 MA thesis: Pre-requisites PSY746. Co-requisites: PSY738, PSY748

PSY798 IPRU Research Internships

Work-Study: Positions are available for students on the Work-Study scheme

Research Assistant positions: For more information about current openings, please contact the Master's Student Research Group (MSRG) or the IPRU student liaison: kschanz@jjay.cuny.eduUnfortunately, there are no RA positions or internships available to students outside of John Jay. 

Information for Undergraduate Students
If you are in the undergraduate in the BA/MA program, you are required to have taken a class with one of the professors associated with the IPRU (see section on IPRU Team members). It is possible, if you have a high GPA to start working with the lab earlier as a Research Assistant. In general, if you are an undergraduate student at John Jay, you can also find out more information about the research by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).