Understanding Transfer Students’ Needs and Goals

Understanding Transfer Students’ Needs and Goals

As we build the Humanities Transfer Pathway, we are also learning new things about the transfer student experience. To implement our programs successfully, we continually assess our recruitment efforts, student engagement and academic success. At the same time, we are working to answer several deeper questions that can inform students supports in the future:

  • How do the academic skills, foundational knowledge and life experience students gain in community college contribute to their successes and challenges at a four-year institution?
  • How do transfer students experience the intellectual and cultural community in their B.A. programs? What strategies do they use to navigate and find a “home” in their new academic and cultural environment?
  • What motivates transfer students to pursue a degree in the humanities? How do they see their academic journey connecting to future educational, career or life goals? 


What We Are Learning

We are currently conducting a first round of assessment for the 2021-2022 academic year. As we collect and analyze data, we synthesize our results for different audiences. Here are our findings so far:

Results Materials
Speak Up, Pay It Forward: a focus group and survey with humanities transfer students Link
Transfer Assessment Survey Results, fall 2021 Video