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Celebrating Our HSI Status


Hispanic Heritage Month (Additional Resources)


Hispanic Federation

Hispanic Access Foundation

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Coalition for Hispanic Family Services


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White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanics                                                                               


Lumina Podcast Episode 6: Hispanic Serving Institutions                               


A Closer Look at Hispanic-Serving Institutions                                                                                  


The Champions of Hispanic Success in Higher Education                                                                                  


U.S. Department of Education                                                                  https://www2.ed.gov/programs/idueshsi/index.html

Inclusive Excellence: An Honors Program for a Majority-Minority Institution


Departmental Approaches to Curricula  for Racial Equity


Social Justice in the Classroom through Collaborative Techniques


Teaching Social Justice with the CUNY Academic Commons


Making Your Syllabus Talk to ALL Students


Changing Our Teaching and Awareness through Participation in John Jay’s HSI  Faculty Seminar: Faculty Reflections


Increasing HSI Awareness and Practices Working Group


Our HSI Identity and the Curriculum


What’s In A Name? Embracing Our Identity as a Hispanic-Serving Institution


What’s Math Got to Do with It? A Social Justice Approach to Learning Communities



                                                      John B.King Jr. Defines What It Takes to be a Great HSI


“I am tremendously proud that John Jay became a federal HSI as a direct result of Hispanic students expressly choosing to be a part of the John Jay community, and creating a responsibility in turn for our community to ensure that our Hispanic scholars—like all of our students—reach their goals. Hispanic students account for 47% of our undergraduate population. And, in my eyes, promoting and celebrating our HSI status is a vital key for the success of all our students. Simply put, our HSI status is integral to who we are at John Jay, and when Hispanic students feel welcomed and included in our community, everyone is uplifted.” 

(from John Jay College President Karol V. Mason’s message, “Celebrating Our HSI Status”)


We encourage everyone to read this position paper on John Jay's history and future as an HSI, written by Latin American and Latina/o Studies Department faculty members Lisandro Pérez, José Luis Morin, and Isabel Martínez:

John Jay as a Hispanic-Serving Institution: Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities


For a better understanding of the historical and political influences shaping our Latinx students' experiences, watch this presentation by Latin American and Latina/o Studies Chair José Luis Morin:

Understanding Hispanic Institutions: Background and Context for Serving Latinx Students