Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many classes can I take per semester?
You may register for up to two classes per semester within the NYPD Leadership Program and may take any additional courses outside of the program.

2.  Which courses are required?  
For the undergraduate and graduate non-degree curriculum, please click here.  

3.  How many semesters will I need to complete the program?
The completion of the program is contingent on the amount of credits you register per semester.  For instance, if you complete two classes per semester, you may complete the program in one academic year.

4.  What is included in the scholarship?
The scholarship covers tuition, technology fees and textbooks costs.

5.  When is the last day to drop a course?
The last day to drop courses varies per semester.  Please refer to the college calendar to view the last day to drop a course via CUNYfirst.

6.  How can I activate my john jay email?
You may activate or access your john jay email by clicking here

7.  I work for the NYPD, but I am not a Uniformed Member of the Service (UMOS).  Am I still eligible?
Only active NYPD UMOS are eligible for the NYPD Leadership Program.  You may however, apply via CUNY through the following link:  Once you are admitted into John Jay College, you may submit your transcript for an evaluation, by sending it to the Office of Testing and Evaluation.

8.  Do you offer Leadership Program courses online?
No.  The courses are conducted on-campus on Fridays only.

9.  How can I transfer my credits?
You are required to submit all post-secondary and agency transcripts with your application.  Once you are admitted into John Jay, all transcripts are sent to the Office of Testing and Evaluation for an evaluation.

10.  How do I readmit?
The readmission process for undergraduate and graduate matriculated students is conducted online via the following link:

11.  Are UMOS waived from application fee?
Undergraduate students are required to pay the $70 application.  Graduate non-degree students are not required to submit an application fee.  Veterans may provide their DD form 214 to be waived from the undergraduate application. 

12.  Do the NYPD Leadership Program courses go towards my degree?
All credits earned in the NYPD Leadership Program go towards a bachelor’s degree of your choice.  A student matriculating in a graduate program may apply their credits to a graduate program.  Click here to learn more about the applicability of courses to degree program at the graduate level.

13.  How many credits will be accepted from the Police Academy?
You may be awarded up to 29 credits for basic academy training.  Additional credits may be awarded for promotional training. 

14.  How many credits will be accepted from my previous college?
You may be awarded up to:
·    68 credits from a community college (2-year institution)
·    90 credits from a senior college (4-year institution)

You may not exceed 90 transfer credits.