Forensic Science Continuing Education

Forensic Science Continuing Education

As forensic scientists and professionals, there is a high demand for professional development that can respond to the rapid changes in technologies and regulations. Ongoing training is essential for professionals in the field to acquire the continuous improvement   in  the quality of their services. 

The Forensic Science Continuing Education program offers various non-credit forensic science training opportunities for students, forensic and medical professionals, law enforcement and ancillary professionals. Courses are designed and offered by our esteemed John Jay faculty and/or forensic experts from the field. Areas of expertise include:

  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic Molecular Biology


For more information on Forensic Science Continuing Education programs, please contact:

Dr. Yi He, Ph.D.
Tel: 212-484-1314


No Bones About It: Forensic Anthropology in the Park
Are you intrigued by the process of gathering evidence at a crime scene? Imagine a passerby walking their dog in Central Park, who then unearths what appears to be a human femur. Take part in a real-life forensic anthropology exercise where you are responding to this simulated scenario as a team to inspect, recover and analyze remains.

The exercise is preceded by a lecture on recovery of remains and evidence at John Jay College of Criminal Justice during which each person is given a specific role, with one or two individuals designated as PIs (principal investigators) in charge of the exercise. On arrival at the site, you are given excavation and survey equipment, as well as forensic suits. You will start by doing a survey to locate evidence and further remains. Once the location of the remains and ancillary evidence have been  identified,  the team starts the dig proper.  After recovery of all evidence and remains, the team goes back to John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the physical anthropology lab to deposit the remains and evidence for further analysis.

The 2-day* course will help the crime scene investigator to develop the skills necessary  to   recognize and collect anthropology forensic evidence.

Day 1 Schedule: Saturday, May 5; 10am-4:30pm
Location: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Day 2 Schedule: Saturday, May 12; 9:00am-6:15pm
Location: Central Park & John Jay College 

*This 2-day course must be taken in its entirety. Due to the equipment and logistics of the dig, there will be no make-up class offered if you miss a day, nor will there be a refund once class has begun. 

Introductory Price: $399

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