For Students

For Students

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ePortfolio is a way for you to demonstrate what you are learning inside and outside the classroom while a student at John Jay. Whether you are introduced to ePortfolio through a professor in a class, by participating in a program where you will showcase what you're doing as a member of that program, or if you've just seen some of the vibrant ePortfolios that your peers have created and want one for yourself too, an ePortfolio is a way for you to demonstrate online on your own web site the successes that you achieve offline!

How Do I Get Started with ePortfolio?

  • Register for one of the courses where the professors will have you create an ePortfolio. See list of Fall 2016 courses using ePortfolio (coming soon).
  • Contact us at to get your account information.

ePortfolio Workshops

Attend the Essentials Workshop series to build and master Digication, our ePortfolio tool.
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Essentials Workshop 1

Essential Workshop 1: Getting started
Create and begin editing your own ePortfolio
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Essentials Workshop 2

Essential Workshop 2: Intermediate/Advanced
Take your existing ePortfolio to another level and learn how to customize it with images, colors and fonts that align to your goals and demonstrate your personality RSVP Coming soon!
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Upcoming Events

ePortfolio Open House: Thursday, September 14th, 1:40pm-2:55pm, 016W Westport
Visit us at our ePortfolio Lab and learn what an ePortfolio is all about. Come hangout and grab some pizza and drinks, as well as a chance to get the exclusive ePortfolio T-shirts and Power Banks!

ePortfolio Resources