Final Exam Reviews

Final Exam Reviews

MSRC Final Exam Review Sessions

When are the review sessions?

Review sessions are currently being held at the MSRC from 5/14/2019 thru 5/22/2019. 

What happens in a final exam review session? 

This semester workshops will be topic specific as well as general reviews.  An MSRC tutor will go over sample problems related to different topics from review sheets provided by instructors from the Math Department. Each workshop will be 50 minutes long, and will cover only questions related to the specific workshop topic.

How do I sign up for a review session?

Come to the MSRC (room 1.94NB), or call us at 646.557.4635. One of our staff members will be able to book you a spot in the workshop topic of your choice. Make sure to book early! Space is limited to 15 people.

Showing Up

Review sessions are held in the Workshop/Study Room or Computer Lab inside the MSRC, room 01.94, or in a classroom nearby. The schedule lists the location of each review session. If you reserve a seat, please arrive a few minutes early so you can check in at the desk before proceeding to the workshop room. We usually have a large number of students wanting to attend review sessions on a walk-in basis. To accommodate them, we cannot hold your seat past the scheduled start time.

What if there are no seats left?

You are welcome to show up on the day of the review session and wait to see if a seat becomes available due to a last minute cancellation or a no-show. Don't forget, you can also schedule appointments for tutoring! 

Review Sheets:

Math 105:  Departmental Review Sheet

Math 108: Departmental Review Sheet

Math 141: Review Sheet

Math 241: Review Sheet; Review Sheet 2

Math 242: Review Sheet


A review sheet should never be the only tool you use to prepare for the departmental final. Review sheets are made available to the MSRC through the generosity of the individual faculty who prepare them. Neither the faculty nor the MSRC guarantees that the small number of problems on these sheets represents every type of problem that could appear on your final exam. Knowing how to do all of the problems on a review sheets does not guarantee that you will earn a passing grade. Remember, if it's in your syllabus, it could be on the final whether or not it's on the review sheet. Solutions to these problems will not be posted. However, you are welcome to print any of these review sheets and bring them to your next tutoring session.


Last updated: 12/20/2018