R. Terry Furst

R. Terry Furst

R. Terry Furst
Assistant Professor Emeritus
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1986 PhD New School for Social Research1975 MA City College
1970 BBA City College



    Dr. Furst received an MA in sociology from City College (CUNY) and a PhD in sociology from the Graduate Faculty, The New School for Social Research. He served on the faculties of the College of Staten Island, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Alberta, and New York University. Dr. Furst is currently an assistant  professor of anthropology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. His focus over the last two decades has been on ethnographic research on subcultures of drug abusers, illegal drug markets, sex workers, street level drug dealers, the transmission of HIV among injecting drug users, the evaluation of street outreach intervention workers, the adulteration of heroin in New York City, and the diffusion of heroin in the mid-Hudson region of New York State, stop and frisk in New York City, and the stigmatized status of cigarette smokers in New York C ity. 
His research also includes the evaluation of Buprenorphine among opiate dependent patients,  misuse, and the diffusion  of the drug. Within these research domains, he has incorporated theoretical concepts about social status, stigma, and societal processes engendering emergent norms. He has also conducted research on the occupation subculture of professional boxers, and the construction of competitive games for the mildly retarded. His doctoral dissertation was on the socio-historic image of the professional baseball player in the 19th Century. He has published in all the aforementioned areas. In an editorial on Dr. Furst’s study of heroin diffusion in the mid-Hudson region in New York State published in Addiction
(2004, 99: pp 431-441), the editor noted: “This is an important study….the authors are to be commended for completing this field study of heroin diffusion.”

Scholarly Work



Publications (refereed)

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Publications (non-refereed)

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Research Summary

Grant Activity

Awarded PSC-CUNY 2011 grant: Buprenorphine (Suboxone) Opioid Maintenance Treatment: Socio-Psychological Conditions Leading to Suboxone Misuse and Diversion. IRB 237-896 ($ 3,487).

Awarded PSC–CUNY 2009 grant: Suboxone Opioid Therapy Treatment:  Socio-Pharmalogical Correlates Leading to Opiate Relapse. IRB JJ-09-046 ($3,000).

 Awarded the Research Assistance Program (2009) in the amount of Special Support Fund grant ($2,730) for Suboxone researcH.
Research Activity: Conducted  primary and field research on the following:
history of baseball
professional boxers
sports spectators 
HIV transmision 
illicit drug dealers
commercial sex workers
drug treatment(suboxone)
mildly retarded
stigma and cigarette smoking
diffusion of opiates/opioids

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