Olivera Jokic

Olivera Jokic

Olivera Jokic
Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies
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English Language and Literature; Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies
2008, University of Michigan
English Language and Literature 
1996, University of Novi Sad


Peer-Reviewed Articles:

“In Transition: Cuba, or the Presents of Socialism in the Americas,”under submission

“On the Boundaries of Nations, or, Why the Baby Doesn’t Like the Subway,” under submission

“Orientalism in Transit: Company Men, Colonial Historiography, and Other Handmaidens of Empire,” forthcoming in Migrations and Modernities: the State of Being Stateless, 1700-1850, ed. DeLucia and Shields,Edinburgh UP (2018)

“Pedagogy of the Depressed: Romanticism and the Long Revolution,”Romantic Circles Pedagogy Commons, Special Issue: Teaching Romanticism with the Contemporary, ed. D. B. Ruderman and Rachel Feder(2017)

 “Future in Numbers,” special issue of Common-place on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century 16.3 (2016)

“The Odds and the Ends: What to Do with Some Letters of Catharine Macaulay,”The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, Special Issue on Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries, 56.2 (2015): 209–226.

[with Claire Gallien] “Eighteenth-Century Orientalism in Contemporary British Historiography and Literary Criticism,” Literature Compass12.4 (2015): 121–133. 

“Sentimental Documentation: Writing the Empireof Feeling in Memoirs of Asiaticus,”in Intermediaires culturels/Cultural Intermediaries, Études internationales sur le dix-huitième siècle/International Eighteenth-Century Studies Series. Ed. Ellen Welch and Vanessa Alayrac. Paris: Honoré Champion, 2014. 259–282.

“Teaching tothe Resistance: What to Do When Students Dislike Austen,” Persuasions On-Line,Special Issue on Jane Austen and Pedagogy 34.2 (2014)

“Death of a Beautiful Moor Woman: Obstinate Clerks and the Form of Evidence in the British Colonial Archive,”Essays in Romanticism 19 (2012): 83–102.

“She Comes to Look at the Shape of her Future,”Vida: Her Kind (Women in Literary Arts), May 27 (2012). http://herkind.org/articles/on-my-mind/she-comes-to-look-at-the-shape-of...

 “Commanding Correspondence: History and ‘Evidence of Experience’ in the Letterbookof John Bruce, the East India Company Historiographer,” The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation52.2 (2011): 109–136.

“Writers Using Technology.” Writing in an Electronic World: Writers Using Technology: A Rhetoric with Readings. Eds. Kolko, Regan and Romano. Longman, 2001. 481–83.



Tišma, Aleksandar. “The Soft War.” Translated by Olivera Jokić. In Old Age: A Short Story Anthology by Contemporary Serbian Authors. Ed. Randall A. Major. Beograd, RS: Geopoetika, 2018. 13–29.


Digital Academic Media:

Careers for English Majors: The Many Things You Can Do with Your Humanities Degreewebsite about professional planning and development for English majors, available since May 2013 at http://jjenglishcareers.commons.gc.cuny.edu 

Book Reviews:

The Alchemy of Empire: Abject Materials and the Technologies of Colonialism by Rajani Sudan. New York: Fordham UP, 2016. The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation. Forthcoming.

India and Europe in the Global Eighteenth CenturyOxford University Studies in the Enlightenment. Ed. Simon Davies, Gabriel Sánchez-Espinosa, Daniel Sanjiv Roberts. Oxford UK: Voltaire Foundation, 2014. British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin and Review 45 (2015)

Domination of Strangers: Modern Governance in Eastern India, 1780–1835 by Jon E. Wilson. Journal of British Studies49 (January 2010): 188–189.

Women and Politics: Feminisms with an Eastern Touch, Eds. Djurdja Knezevic, Koraljka Dilic, Ann Daub. Zagreb: Zenska Infoteka, 2000. Balkan Academic News, 2001, http://www.seep.ceu.hu/balkans/book_reviews.html.




Research interest

  • Literature in English since the eighteenth century
  • Writing and colonialism, British in particular 
  • "Women's writing" and writing about women and gender 
  • Gender categories and representation; intersectionality and historiography
  • Historiography, archives and forms of historical documentation
  • Evidence and experience 
  • Genre and gender
  • Social movements, modernity, revolution, subjectivity
  • Modernity and gender
  • Nations, nationalism, and empire
  • Socialism and post-socialism
  • Literary writing and historiography


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