Olivera Jokic

Olivera Jokic

Olivera Jokic
Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies
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English Language and Literature; Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies
2008, University of Michigan
English Language and Literature 
1996, University of Novi Sad


Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Pedagogy of the Depressed: Romanticism and the Long Revolution,” Romantic Circles Pedagogy Commons (Spring 2017)

“The Odds and the Ends: What to Do with Some Letters of Catharine Macaulay,” The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, Special Issue on Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries, 56.2 (2015): 209–226.

[with Claire Gallien] “Eighteenth-Century Orientalism in Contemporary British Historiography and Literary Criticism,” Literature Compass 12.4 (2015): 121–133.

“Sentimental Documentation: Writing the Empire of Feeling in Memoirs of Asiaticus,” in Intermediaires culturels/Cultural Intermediaries, Études internationales sur le dix-huitième siècle/International Eighteenth-Century Studies Series. Ed. Ellen Welch and Vanessa Alayrac. Paris: Honoré Champion, 2014. 259–282.

“Teaching to the Resistance: What to Do When Students Dislike Austen,” Persuasions On-Line, Special Issue on Jane Austen and Pedagogy 34.2 (2014)

“Death of a Beautiful Moor Woman: Obstinate Clerks and the Form of Evidence in the British Colonial Archive,” Essays in Romanticism 19 (2012): 83–102.

“She Comes to Look at the Shape of her Future,” Vida: Her Kind (Women in Literary Arts), May 27 (2012). http://herkind.org/articles/on-my-mind/she-comes-to-look-at-the-shape-of...

 “Commanding Correspondence: History and ‘Evidence of Experience’ in the Letterbook of John Bruce, the East India Company Historiographer,” The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 52.2 (2011): 109–136.

“Writers Using Technology.” Writing in an Electronic World: Writers Using Technology: A Rhetoric with Readings. Eds. Kolko, Regan and Romano. Longman, 2001. 481–83.


Digital Academic Media

Careers for English Majors: The Many Things You Can Do with Your Humanities Degree, website about professional planning and development for English majors, available since May 2013 


Book Reviews

India and Europe in the Global Eighteenth Century. Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment. Ed. Simon Davies, Gabriel Sánchez-Espinosa, Daniel Sanjiv Roberts. Oxford UK: Voltaire Foundation, 2014. British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin and Review 45 (2015).

Domination of Strangers: Modern Governance in Eastern India, 1780–1835 by Jon E. Wilson. Journal of British Studies 49 (January 2010): 188–189.

Women and Politics: Feminisms with an Eastern Touch, Eds. Djurdja Knezevic, Koraljka Dilic, Ann Daub. Zagreb: Zenska Infoteka, 2000. Balkan Academic News, 2001.

Research interest

  • Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature in English
  • Literary writing and historiography
  • Writing, gender, and "women's writing"
  • Writing, nation, nationalism, and empire
  • Histories of society and historical subjects
  • Histories of gender and intersectionality


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