Andrew Majeske

Andrew Majeske

Associate Professor
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PhD    University of California Davis
JD       Loyola University of Chicago   
MA      Duquesne University      



Andrew Majeske, associate professor of English, received his doctorate from the University of California Davis, where he specialized in the intersection of law and literature in the English Renaissance. He also holds a law degree from Loyola University of Chicago, and a Masters degree in literature from Duquesne University. He was a practicing attorney from 1986 to 1997, first in Chicago, and later in Pittsburgh. In 2006 his book entitled Equity in English Renaissance Literature: Thomas More and Edmund Spenser was published by Routledge Press. In 2009 his edited collection Justice, Women, and Power in English Renaissance Drama, was published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Professor Majeske has recently published essays on Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and The Merchant of Venice. He is currently working on a book about Galileo's 1588 lecture addressing the geography of Dante's Inferno.
He teaches the early literature survey course, Shakespeare, and various law and literature offerings in the English Department, as well as courses in Justice Studies. Those students interested in going on to law school will be interested to know that in addition to his experience practicing law and teaching, he spent two years as one of the writers of the LSAT, and he has taught legal writing and appellate advocacy at the law school level.



Justice, Women, and Power in English Renaissance Drama. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2009. Coeditor and contributor.

Equity in English Renaissance Literature: Thomas More and Edmund Spenser: Series: Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory. New York: Routledge Press, 2006. (edited collection)

Symposium Volume:

Majeske, A (Ed) (2010). John Jay College of Criminal Justice 2008 Literature and Law Conference Symposium. Literature and Law. University of California Press. 22.2

Recent Articles:

(forthcoming Summer 2018) “Donald Trump, American Caesarism & The Legacy of Leo Strauss.” American Studies Journal (Gottingen, Germany)

"Women, Power & the Decline of the West: Richard Sherwin’s Ethical Wisdom, Krzysztof Koslowski’s Tricolor-Red, & Machiavelli’s Mandragola.”  Pólemos (2018) 12.1, 185-20.

“Unreliable Sources for Law: Dying Declarations in Shakespeare’s King John, Othello & King Lear,” Pólemos (2015)19.1, 51-60.

“The Transformation of Lady Justice in Renaissance Europe.” Turn pre-ordinance and first decree into the law of children: Sapienza giuridica nel teatro shakespeariano.) R. Ruggiero and E. Siciliani (eds) Lecce-Brescia, Pensa Multimedia, 2012 (series: "Mandala. Diogenes 'tub") pages 151-162

“Equity’s Absence: The Extremity of Claudio’s Prosecution and Bernardine’s Pardon in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, Law and Literature. University of California Press. 21.2 (Summer 2009) 169-184.

“Striking a Deal: Portia’s Trial Strategy in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice,” Justice, Women and Power, eds Andrew Majeske and Emily Doetmer Goebel, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2009, 153-173.

“Equity in Book V of Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.” Law and Literature. University of California Press. 18:1 (Spring 2006) 69-99.



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Course taught

John Jay College of Criminal Justice:

Lit 230 Classical Literature

Lit 231 Medieval and Early Modern Literature

Lit 260 Introduction to Literary Study

Lit 305 Foundations of Literature and Law

Lit 313 Shakespeare

Lit 314 Shakespeare and Justice

Lit 327 Crime & Punishment

Lit 362 The Bible as Literature

Lit 370 Topics in Ancient Literature: Plato’s Laws

Lit 372 Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

Lit 405 Senior Seminar in Literature and Law

HJS 250 Justice in the Western Tradition

HJS 310 Justice in the Non-Western Tradition

Honors 201 The Common Good


CUNY Graduate Center:

Engl 71000/MALS 70500/WSCP 81000 English Early Modern/Renaissance Lyric Poetry


Drexel University (Pennoni Honor’s College):

Science, Math, and Literature

Machiavelli and Shakespeare

Law, Literature, and Film


Temple University Beasely School of Law:

Legal Writing & Appellate Advocacy


Mill College:



University of California Davis:

ENL 043 Introductory Topics in Drama

ENL 117 Shakespeare (Middle Period)

English 1 (Expository Writing)

English 3 (Introduction to Literature)

UWP 101 (Advanced Composition)

UWP 104b (Legal Writing)