Faculty Travel Guidelines

Faculty Travel Guidelines

Travel Guidelines for Faculty

The travel budget is meant to support faculty travel to academic conferences. Individual allocations are made at the departmental level and then signed off on by OAR.

Before Traveling:

At least three weeks before traveling, submit a hard copy of a travel approval form (TAF) signed by the chair of your department to the travel coordinator in OAR (Pat Samperi) who will obtain approval from Anthony Carpi, Associate Provost and Dean of Research. When OAR preapproves the trip, the signed TAF will be e-mailed back to you by the travel coordinator with confirmation that the college intends to reimburse you for the trip.

Travel Reimbursements:

All travelers must submit an RF e-travel voucher to the Travel Coordinator. Send this document to the travel coordinator in OAR with the required supplementary materials within two weeks after the competion of the trip. This document requires the traveler's signature, but does not need a chair's signature. Trips can only be reimbursed if OAR has a TAF on file securing approval before the trip.

Documents Required for Reimbursement

  • completed Research Foundation travel voucher
  • Original air/train boarding passes and proof of purchase
    • For international travel, please be sure to purchase tickets on US-approved carriers. New federal regulations prohibit reimbursement on non-US-approved carriers, this INCLUDES tickets chosen by discount purchasing websites such as expedia.com. Lower price is not a valid justification for use of non-US approved carrier. For more information about international carrier restrictions, please refer to RF CUNY policy.
  • An agenda from the event (this MUST be submitted with the RF travel voucher)
  • Itemized hotel checkout statement
  • Conference badge
  • Connference booklet cover
  • Original receipts for meals (if not requesting per diem)
  • Please be sure to deduct all alcoholic purchases, they are not reimbursable
  • If you have non-itemized meal receipts, briefly state that no alcohol was purchased
  • If you choose to use the per diem rate, you can check the current rates using the websites listed below
  • Receipts for local transportation, registration, or other expenses


Travel Restrictions and Reimbursement Rules

Academic travel funds are subject to the rules and regulations of the Research Foundation of CUNY (RF-CUNY). Please note the following:

  • As you may know, Governor Cuomo banned official (state-sponsored) travel to North Carolina and Mississippi in April 2016. CUNY has interpreted that these travel restrictions apply to funds administered by the Research Foundation of CUNY and its employees. Please see the memo for details.
    • There are four exceptions to the official travel ban (any exception to this ban must be authorized by the CUNY Office of General Counsel):
      • 1) the travel was required based on a contractual arrangement or agreement that was made before March 28, 2016
      • 2) the travel is not paid in full or in part by any CUNY or state funds
      • 3) the cost of the travel is borne by a receiving institution/organization in North Carolina or Mississippi with no cost to CUNY or the state.
      • 4) The purpose of the travel is necessary for public health, welfare, and/or safety reasons.
  • As per Research Foundation rules, all spending must comply with New York State travel guidelines. Maximum hotel and meal reimbursement costs are limited by GSA/State and reference websites.
  • Travel reimbursement requests are due within two weeks of return. OAR cannot guarantee reimbursement of travel vouchers submitted more than 45 days after the date of travel even if an approved TAF is included.
  • All travel must be via economy class only. Exception: Amtrak Business Class travel between station in the Boston/Washington DC corridor is permitted.
  • All receipts should indicate the method of payment as well as an indication that the purchase was made in full.
  • When claiming the standard mileage rate for driving a personal vehicle, the traveler must submit a mapquest map of the route that confirms miles claimed.
  • The RF-CUNY does not generally reimburse the use of rental cars. If a rental car is claimed, the traveler must include a letter of explanation as to why it was necessary.
  • Hotel checkout statements are required as proof of stay if claiming lodging, even if the hotel was paid for through a third-party website like Expedia (or using per diem).