Events 2011-2012

Events 2011-2012

Academic Year July 2011-June 2012 An Analysis of Recent Attempts to Protect Intellectual Property on the Internet Speakers:

Evan Misshula and Douglas Salane Center for Cybercrime Studies Presented at the International Conference on Global Perspectives on Justice, Security and Human Rights John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Date: Friday, June 7

High Technology Criminal Investigations Association Meeting Moderator:

Dennis Dragos Detective, NYPD Cyber Crime Squad

Presentation: CISCO Systems, IPv6 Security

Date: Friday, May 11

For A Free Digital Society Speaker:

Dr. Richard Stallman Founder, Free Software Foundation

Date: Tuesday, March 27 Abstract

Digital Forensics Crime Labs Speaker: Monique Ferraro, M.S., J.D., CISSP, Founder, Technology Forensics, LLC Adjunct Professor, Forensic Computing Program, John Jay College

Date: Wednesday, March 21 Abstract

Virtual Pornography and How to Address It Speaker: Nancy Gertner Professor of Practice, Harvard Law School Judge, United States District Court for Massachusetts (ret.)

Date: Friday, March 2 Abstract NYC4SEC February Meeting

How to Acquire Locked Files from a Running Windows System Speaker:

Pär Österberg Medina Foundstone Professional Services

Date: Thursday, February 16

Analyzing Search-Engine Manipulation Campaigns

Extended Abstract

Speaker: Nicolas Christin Carnegie Mellon University Associate Director and Faculty, Information Networking Institute Senior Systems Scientist, CyLab

Date: Thursday, January 19

Security Challenges in Cyberspace Speaker:

Evan Misshula Criminal Justice Doctoral Program Douglas Salane, Center for Cybercrime Studies John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Date: Friday, December 9

Computer Security in an Insecure World

2011 Greater New York Dental Meeting

Speaker: Douglas Salane Center for Cybercrime Studies John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Date: Tuesday, November 29

Security Risk Analysis Speaker:

Carl S. Young Adjunct Professor John Jay College of Criminal Justice Managing Director and Chief Security Officer Stroz & Friedberg, LLP Abstract

Date: Tuesday, November 22

NYC4SEC November Meeting

The Advanced Persistent Threat

Speaker: Eric Huber Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists

Date: November 16

FTC: Anatomy of a Data Security/Privacy Investigation and the Future of Privacy Speaker:

Kristin Cohen Federal Trade Commission

Date: Thursday, November 10

Examining Civilian Involvement in Domestic and International Cyber Conflicts Speaker:

Tom Holt School of Criminal Justice Michigan State University

Date: Monday, October 24 Abstract

NYC 4 SEC October Meeting Various Topics: Security Discloure, SCADA attacks, IR Challenges

Speaker: member roundtable discussion

Date: Wednesday, October 19