Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

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Eligibility Requirements
     1. Entering the 11th grade in Fall 2020 AND
ACT English 20+ OR PSAT Reading and Writing Section 480+ OR English Average 85+  AND
3. A minimum GPA of 75  AND
     3. An essay

     1.  Entering the 12th grade in Fall 2020 AND
2ACT English 20+ OR SAT Reading and Writing Section 480+ OR ELA Regents 75+ AND
     3. A minimum GPA of 75  AND
     4. An essay   

Essay Options - Select Option I or Option II
Please choose one of the questions below and provide a short answer (1- 2 paragraphs). Use your personal experience and any other relevant information to answer.

     - Option I: Personal Statement—Tell us about yourself: Write a short personal statement discussing your
        interest, life experiences, career, and educational goals, and your commitment to public service.
     - Option II: Opinion: In your opinion, why is public service, particularly in the field of Law and Criminal
        Justice important in today’s society?