Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice

Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice

The Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice at The Graduate Center, City University of New York is housed at John Jay College. The program offers an interdisciplinary education in the field of criminology and criminal justice. It prepares students for careers of research, scholarship and teaching. The program also offers a specialization in policy, oversight and administration (POA). The PhD program requires at least 60 credits of coursework, including at least 5 courses in statistics and research methods. Students are required to pass four qualifying comprehensive exams in criminological theory, research methods, criminal justice process and policy, and statistics. It culminates in a dissertation in the area of a student's interest.

Students in the criminal justice program receive rigorous training in criminological theory, criminal justice process and policy, research methods and statistics. The program offers electives in these areas as well as international and comparative criminal justice, terrorism, sociology, social psychology, juvenile justice, and more. POA program focuses on policy analysis, implementation and assessment in criminal justice and related fields.

The Doctoral Program’s faculty include professors trained in a wide range of academic disciplines, including criminology, criminal justice, anthropology, history, law, philosophy, political science, public administration, mathematics, psychology and sociology. While classes in the program are held at John Jay College, students may also take courses in other related doctoral programs of the CUNY Graduate Center.

The doctoral program admits up to 7 criminal justice and up to 4 policy, oversight and administration students each year, with courses offered in the late afternoon or evening. Since criminal justice students take a rigorous set of required classes in their first year, they are not employed outside during the first year of study. Criminal justice students are offered a full stipend of $25,000 and full tuition for the first five years of their studies. Individuals who expect to remain employed in criminal justice or related fields but have already completed master's degrees are encouraged to apply for policy, oversight and administration (POA).  POA students are also eligible to receive a five-year tuition fellowship.

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