Our mission is to help CUNY students who are receiving public assistance achieve academic excellence, graduate on time, and find employment. We envision a world in which all people have access to the educational opportunities and support they need to realize academic success, a sustainable career, and a brighter future.

We know that navigating college can be difficult when getting acquainted with an unfamiliar campus environment. While there are many options and amazing opportunities available, it can be challenging to find the right fit.   However, CUNY EDGE makes the process easier for students by guiding them along the way. Students will be able to utilize a wide range of services, benefits, and support so that they succeed in college, in their careers and beyond.


    E ducate:                We promote academic excellence with consideration that our students have       multiple priorities. At the same time, we encourage each student to embrace their personal experience as a positive influence on their academics.

   D evelop:                  Every student is an individual. Whether your strengths are academic, career oriented or self-driven; we help cultivate your strengths from a holistic perspective. 

G raduate:               We enable our students to embrace opportunities, stay focused and keep steadfast towards graduation.

E mpower:  We empower students to deepen their individual capacity and apply their learning experiences in order to achieve a meaningful career.


We offer

  • A student lounge ! Opened 5 days a week, equipped with computers, refridgerator and Microwave

  • Students confidential counseling focusing on their specific priorities; academic, personal and career advisement included

  • Academic success coaching; individual services to students needing additional support with study habits, writing assignments, test prep and more

  • A culture of academic excellence, by providing support and limited tuition assistance for intersession classes

  • Students personalized coaching to connect them to internships, work study, and job opportunities

  • Cafeteria and Bookstore Vouchers, see your CUNY EDGE advisor for details!



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CUNY EDGE at John Jay College of Criminal Justice was selected as the GOLD WINNER OF THE NASPA EXCELLENCE AWARD for the Off-Campus, Commuter, Non-Traditional, Graduate, Professional and related category.

The program's work since its relaunch in Fall 2016, will be presented at the 2018 NASPA Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA in March 2018.