Congratulations on your admission to the College Now program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice! By participating in College Now you are taking an important step in preparing yourself for a successful transition to college and advancing towards your college degree.

College Now (CN), a comprehensive collaborative initiative between the City University of New York and the New York City Department of Education, is specifically designed to assist high school students in developing the personal values and academic skills necessary to survive and succeed in college. Through the active involvement of the colleges within the University system, the program promotes high standards of academic achievement and introduces participating students to the rigors and responsibilities of college life.

John Jay’s CN Program works closely with over 20 partnership high schools to assist students in improving their academic and personal readiness for college. The aim of the program is to prepare students for college enrollment through immersion in a rich, challenging and authentic college experience. Students are offered tuition-free college level courses, free books, and, when needed, tutoring services through the college’s academic support centers.

Please Note:

  • The maximum amount of credits students can earn the College Now program throughout CUNY is 12.
  • Also, if you plan to attend John Jay College for undergraduate study, please note that the grade you earn in the CN program at John Jay College will be calculated in your GPA.


Eligible students, as determined by "skills certification" (see below), are given an opportunity to participate in college level courses. College credit courses are offered in COHORTs, wherein students take classes comprised of students from various NYC public high schools.

Students falling below the minimum ELA score requirement for skills certification can enroll in our Counseling 110 course. This 1- college credit course, is designed to deepen student understanding of the kind and type of college educational options available to them, the personal skills necessary for success in college, and the expectations of the college classroom. This course also allows students to explore their personal carrier goals and the academic steps required to achieve them.

John Jays CN program also offers programming designed to build students’ college awareness (Think College Now), academic preparedness (Study-Skills Workshop Series) as well as explore specific interest in the field of Criminal Justice (CLIW).

We encourage you to take full advantage of our program offerings as well as an array of support activities offered throughout the school year.

Participate in the CN program and experience the richness of college!