CLSS General FAQ

CLSS General FAQ

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS) provides numerous outstanding IT training and support services to the members of our college that includes answering related questions. To better serve our college community, we have compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with the most accurate answers and published them below. If you have any unlisted question about CLSS, send it to us and it may be included in our FAQ. 


Rules and Policies

All users at John Jay College using any campus computing resources are required to abide by rules and policies set forth by CUNY, our college and respective department or center.


Please revisit this page for updates of CLSS General FAQ.


Where are the CLSS student computer labs?

The CLSS student computer labs are located in room L2.72.00NB in the New Building.


How do I logon to the computers in the CLSS student computer labs?

At the computer you will be prompted for your "User Name" and "Password" which are same as your student JJC email account.


Where can I print my work?


For students, there are multiple high speed laser printers available through the Student Printing System at various locations throughout the campus such as the EZ Print Centers, the CLSS student computer labs located in room L2.72.00NB in the New Building, the Lloyd Sealy Library and the new EZ Print Stations at several convenient areas.


What is the EZ Print Center or Stations?

The EZ Print Center and EZ Print Stations are areas with high speed laser printers to provide students with convenient access to printing services.  These areas do not have computers for document editing.  The EZ Print Stations are located in convenient areas in the Haaren Hall (in the Lloyd Sealy Library) and the Westport buildings.


Is printing in color available?

Several high speed color laser printers are available through the Student Printing System in the CLSS student computer labs located in room L2.72.00NB of the New Building, and the Lloyd Sealy Library. Please note that printing to the color printers will costs more and will deplete your printing account faster.


How do I add money to my printing account?

You can deposit additional fund using the Patron Kiosk "Bill Acceptor" system at the CLSS student computer labs located in room L2.72.00NB in the New Building, and in the Lloyd Sealy Library.


Where can I borrow a laptop?

Students can borrow laptops from the Laptop Loan Center located in room L2.72.00NB.  Student must present his/her own John Jay College student ID card with current semester sticker.


How can I connect my laptop to the wireless network?

The step-by-step instruction on how to connect your laptop and other mobile devices can be found here .


Where can I learn about computer technology?

You can find out all the training sessions CLSS offers to faculty, staff and students on our "Professional Developement and Training Services" web pages.


Are there online trainings available?

You can find out all the online training resources CLSS offers to faculty, staff and students on our "Online Training and FAQs" web pages.


What software is available for my computer?

There is a select group of free and discounted software available for faculty, staff and students. The licensing terms are different depending on the software and whether it is for home or office use. Detail information can be found at the "Software Site Licensing" web page.


What help is available for multimedia production?

For faculty and staff only, CLSS offers basic support for various multimedia production. Detail information can be found at the "Consultation and Other Services" web pages.


What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online course management system which provides remote access to course materials, assignments and class discussions. It can be used by instructors to supplement in-class activities, or exclusively for online courses. Blackboard is a CUNY-wide service and it is accessible through CUNY Portal Login page. Blackboard FAQ can be found on our "Blackboard Tutorials and FAQ" web page.


Where can I go for student Blackboard help?

For students only, you can contact the Blackboard Student Support group via email (, or call 212-237-8200, or visit them at CLSS office L2.73.10 NB.  In addition, CLSS offers various training sessions and online tutorials. The Blackboard tutorials can be found on our "Blackboard Tutorials and FAQ" web page.


Where can I go for faculty Blackboard help?

For faculty and staff only, you can contact the Blackboard Faculty Support group via email (, or call 212-484-1197.  The Blackboard Faculty Support group is NOT a division of CLSS.


What is a course homepage and how do I set one up?

CLSS offers web accounts for faculty who wish to develop a website for the course or courses they are teaching. To obtain an account simply submit a request to the Help Desk at, or call 212-237-8204. Please indicate that you’re a requesting a course homepage. Once the account is created, you will receive an email with your account username and password and the URL for the account.


Does John Jay offer blogging services?

There are two blogging options available at present at John Jay. One option is to enable the Blackboard building block Journal LX for your course. Please contact the Blackboard support team for help. The other option is to use the blogging service offered by CLSS through its media server.. To take advantage of this service, please submit a request to the Help Desk.


Can I put videos online for my students?

There are three options available. You can upload your video clip to Blackboard, you can put your video on iTunes U, or you can make it available through the CLSS media server. Of course, you can always provide a link to video content on the Internet, as well.


What is iTune U?

iTunes U is a free hosting service offered by Apple and available to all CUNY colleges. You can place course content on iTunes U in the form of podcasts or PDFs for your students to view and download. Since it is web-based, the content is available anytime and anywhere.


Who can view the content I post on iTUnes U?

Only students and faculty enrolled in your class have access to your course’s iTunes U site.


How can I or my students access iTunes U?

Students can access iTunes U through Blackboard or directly. To access iTunes U through Blackboard, the iTunes U building block must be installed. Please contact Blackboard Faculty Support for help, if needed. To access iTunes directly, simply enter the URL and enter your John Jay network credentials.


Do I have to own an Apple computer to use iTunes U?

No, you can use either a PC or a Mac to access iTunes U. You are required to install the iTunes application, however, to access iTunes U. It is a free download from Apple and is available for both operating systems. To download the application, please visit


Do I have to own an iPod to view or listen to podcasts?

No, an iPod is not necessary. You can use your computer to view or listen to podcasts. You can use any MP3 player to listen to audio podcasts and any mobile device that supports video can play back video podcasts.


I already have iTunes for my iPod. Is this the correct software?



I do not see my course when I log onto iTunes U. Why not?

There are two steps that you have to complete for your course to be available in iTunes U. You must first install the iTunes U building block and enable iTunes through the control panel, and you must also make your course available.


I am still confused about iTunes and podcasting. Where can I get help?

The Blackboard Faculty Support team can help you with all aspects of Blackboard, and CLSS can help you with iTunes U and podcasting.


What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio or video recording available for download and playback on a computer or mobile device. You can select individual podcasts to download, or you can subscribe to an RSS feed (a means of publishing podcasts, blogs, etc.) and the podcasts will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


Please revisit this page for updates of CLSS General FAQ.