Calendar of 2016-2017 Faculty Senate Meetings

Calendar of 2016-2017 Faculty Senate Meetings

Fall 2016                                                             

Wednesday, August 31

Thursday, September 15

Wednesday, September 28

Monday October 17

Tuesday November 8

Thursday November 22

Friday December 2                                                    

Spring 2017

Wednesday, February 8

Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday, March 7

Wednesday, March 22

Wednesday, April 5

Monday, April 24

Friday, May 12

First Meeting of the 2017-18 Faculty Senate:  Thursday, May 25, 2016

All John Jay faculty members are welcome to attend and to participate in discussions.  All others must be invited by the Faculty Senate or by its Executive Committee. All meetings are in the Moot Court on the 6th floor of the NB.  Meetings begin at 1:40 PM, except for the all-day meetings on Friday, December 2 and on Friday, May 12, which begin at 10:00 AM.  

Executive Committee:

Ned Benton – President
Francis Sheehan – Vice President
Chevy Alford
Michael Brownstein
Karen Kaplowitz
David Shapiro