Book Voucher Program

Book Voucher Program


With funding from the Petrie Foundation, the College provides Book Vouchers to current students who need support.  The book voucher can only be used during the active semester you are registered, and up to the specified expiration date. A Book Voucher is valid only for books purchased at the John Jay College Online Book Store.

Book voucher amounts are determined by how much excess funding is available.  The maximum amount a student may receive is: ​

Fall/Spring Term — $500 (cap for an academic lifetime)
Winter/Summer Terms — $200 (last semester graduating seniors only)


Books/Book Codes (individual books that cost $75.00 or more)


Students must be in good financial standing with no past-due balances on their accounts. Check with your Financial Aid Advisor to determine your eligibility. Students with an anticipated financial aid credit balance are not eligibleStudents may apply for the Book-voucher once per academic year.

FAQs About Book Vouchers

Q1: When can a Book Voucher be requested?
A1: Students are encouraged to secure their textbooks beginning seven (7) days before the start of classes through the sixth (6) week of the semester.  Book Vouchers will expire 14 days after a Book Voucher Code is issued to the student.

Q2: How does it work?
A2: A student can receive up to $500.00 worth of textbooks and/or textbook codes once per year.  Because of this limit, before requesting Book Vouchers students are encouraged to check that all the textbooks and/or class codes they need to order with the Book Voucher are available at the John Jay College Bookstore.

Q3: May I purchase school supplies, such as notebooks and day planners, at the bookstore with the allotted amount on my book voucher?
A3: No, students may NOT use their book vouchers to purchase school supplies and or merchandise at the bookstore.

Q4: Can I get a cash refund on my purchases?
A4: No. The Book Voucher has NO CASH VALUE. Dollars not spent on the Book Voucher will be returned to the Book Voucher Program account after the designated expiration date.

Q5: Can I purchase my books and be refunded?
A5: No. There is no refund for books purchased by students.

Q6: Do I have to pay the Book Voucher back?
A6: No. 


Books may only be purchased from the John Jay College Bookstore.


Students may apply for a Book Voucher

The application must be submitted with the following supporting documents:

  • a copy of your current course syllabus for each book to be purchased
  • a screenshot of your book cart including shipping and handling (individual prices of each book must be included).



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