Addiction Studies Certificate Program

Addiction Studies Certificate Program

Substance AbuseThe New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) has been authorized by the New York State Legislature to issue a Credential in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling (CASAC). To qualify for the CASAC credential, candidates must pass a written and oral examination after fulfilling education, training and paid employment requirements.

The Addiction Studies Program of John Jay College is an OASAS Certified Education and Training Provider. After completing the program, students will have met the education requirement, but must still meet the work experience, testing, and other requirements as specified by OASAS before earning the CASAC. The CASAC credential is issued by OASAS, not by the college. Successful completion of the John Jay ASP entitles students to obtain the CASAC-Trainee Certificate (CASAC-T) from OASAS. (Program Overview)

Credits Required. 24

Program Coordinator: Professor Daniel Yalisove, Department of Psychology (212.621.4157,

Students must complete the eight courses (24 credits) listed below to fulfill the education requirements for the CASAC.

Upon completion of these eight courses, students will earn a certificate that verifies the completion of the education requirements for the CASAC. This certificate of completion can be sent to OASAS, which will issue a CASAC-Trainee certificate. 

ANT 110/SOC 110 Drug Use and Abuse
PSY 255 Group Dynamics in Chemical Dependency Counseling
PSY 266 Understanding Addiction through Research
PSY 268 Therapeutic Interventions in Chemical Dependency
PSY 331/CSL 331 Assessment and Clinical Evaluation in Chemical Dependency Counseling
PSY 350/CSL 350 Advanced Topics in Chemical Dependency Counseling
PSY 480 Ethical and Professional Issues in Chemical Dependency Counseling
PSY 161 Chemical Dependency and the Dysfunctional Family 

Students may elect to fulfill some of the 300-hour training requirements (fieldwork) for CASAC by completing the two courses below. Note: These courses are not required for the CASAC-T.

PSY 378 Fieldwork in Forensic Psychology
PSY 379 Fieldwork in Forensic Psychology 
The fieldwork must be done at an OASAS Certified Substance Abuse Program. A total of 300 fieldwork hours is requried by OASAS for the training requirement.

Note: A maximum of two courses can overlap with a students's major, other minors or programs. While completion of the minor is notated on the student's transcript, completion of the program is not.  

Additional steps for obtaining the CASAC:

  • Those with a BA and a major in human services field must obtain supervised paid work for 4000 hours at an OASAS Certified Substance Abuse Program
  • Students without a BA must work 6000 hours at an OASAS Certified Substance Abuse Program
  • Students with an MA in a human services field must work for 2000 hours at an OASAS Certified Substance Abuse Program
  • Individuals must pass the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC) examination.

Program Advisor: Daniel Yalisove, Department of Psychology,