Middle States Commission on Higher Education

John Jay is accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which oversees accreditation for institutions of higher education in five states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and other sites outside the country.  All post-secondary educational institutions that receive federal student aid support must undergo review by one of the regional accrediting organizations that are dedicated to program improvement through peer evaluation.  The members of the Commission determine the comprehensive standards for evaluation, which are updated periodically, and concern having a clear mission and a planning process that delivers on that mission, ethics and integrity, rigorous student learning experiences, assessment of our efforts to achieve student learning, and that our governance and administrative structures allow us to realize our mission and goals as they serve students and the public.

Accreditation is key to providing a measure of accountability to the federal government that spends about $125 billion annually on financial aid for students, and to prospective students and parents who bear much of the cost of higher education.  Public institutions especially have to be concerned with the effectiveness of the education they offer, in and out of the classroom. We at John Jay embrace the reaccreditation review as one of the best opportunities we have to improve and to set the tone for continuous improvement.

Like other accredited colleges and universities, John Jay undergoes an extensive review every ten years to reaffirm our accreditation, resulting in a large Self-Study and a site visit by a team of peers from Middle States schools.  The college is now preparing for our next review, which will occur in 2022 – 2023.


Reaccreditation is singularly important, for without Middle States approval the College would not qualify for federal student aid, but a successful reaccreditation is more broadly a statement of quality about every aspect of the institution, and it gives the public and external partners confidence in what we do.  More than simply passing a series of tests, the College has the opportunity during reaccreditations to reflect on our basic goals and values and to consider whether we have been living up to them as we plan for the future.