Academic Support Resources

Academic Support Resources

John Jay Student Resources 

Our senior advisors and peer advisors are invested in your academic success. At John Jay College, the Academic Advisement Center works closely with various departments to assist students in taking control of the many different aspects of their college career. Students can take advantage of our academic tutoring resources which include a Writing Center, Math & Science Resource Center and Modern Language Center, explore professional aspirations and career goals with the Career Development Center, discuss various concerns with our Counseling Services Center that includes free personal and academic counseling services, and support services and programs for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.

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Online Courses: How to Be Successful!

Are you interested in enrolling in an online course for the first time but aren't sure if it will be the best fit for you?  There are many things to consider when you decide to take a course online - your degree of tech savvy, internet access, and self-discipline being just a few.

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