Academic Services

Academic Services

Academic ServicesJohn Jay College is dedicated to facilitating student progress and development through a range of academic services.  We help our students understand College policies and degree requirements, as well as keep track of all student records and documentation.

By focusing on the needs of individual students, we provide customized advisement and mentoring to help them make informed decisions about their academic programs and successfully navigate the degree process.

As part of our services, we help new students transition to the College environment seamlessly and assist them every step of the way as they pursue academic and personal excellence at John Jay.

Serving the John Jay community

The Registrar’s office is dedicated to offering timely assistance to John Jay faculty, students and alumni.  We maintain accurate academic records, information on course schedules, enrollment and degree requirements. As a custodian of all student records and documentation, we support John Jay students throughout their academic career and after graduation by providing necessary information to graduate schools and employers.

Contact the registrar for more information.