Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

The members of the Office of Academic Operations are a team of dedicated professionals who manage a wide range of administrative and compliance functions in support of the division and the college as a whole. 

Some of our key functions include adjunct faculty appointments, multi-year adjunct faculty appointments; substitute full-time faculty appointments, full time faculty workload, and multiple position reporting. We also provide budget and OTPS support for the various departments and programs of the division.

We are here to help so please contact us with any questions, issues or concerns that you may have.

Operations Team

Academic Affairs Operations
Kinya Chandler
Interim Associate Provost of Strategy and Operations
Room 1020 BMW 

Operations Support

Shakia Brown

Budget & Operations Associate
Room 1026 BMW


Grants Management

Gin Allcock

Adminstrative Coordinator
Room 1027 BMW


Part-time Staff Support

Melpomeni Kuremeno (Meli)

College Assistant

Room 1010 BMW


Faculty Workload
Christina Czechowicz
Faculty Workload Manager
Room 1022 BMW
Multiple Positions
Faculty Workload
Katarzyna Gribbin
Faculty Workload Manager
Room 1023 BMW
Adjunct Faculty Services
Virginia Gardner
Adjunct Manager
Room 1024 BMW
Space Planning Management
Debra Hairston
Director, Academic Space Management
Room 1021 BMW