Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time faculty are encouraged to review the 2017-2023 PSC-CUNY Collective Bargaining Agreement for all contractual questions.

Article 15.1 of the contract addresses specific areas of Workload and Article 15.5 reinforces the importance of Multiple Positions compliance.

The 2017 Undergraduate Teaching Workload statement issued by the University sets annual workload obligation for full-time faculty as follows:

  • Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Distinguished Lecturers - 18 hours
  • Instructors, Lecturers - 24 hours
  • Substitute titles are expected to teach 3 more hours than is standard for the corresponding non-substitute faculty rank


John Jay College manages full-time faculty workload data via the online e-Workload application.  All teaching and non-teaching workload information are listed on one form per faculty. Faculty are required to review, edit, and approve their forms each semester. Department Chairs are required to review, edit, and approve the workload for all their full-time faculty each semester. Pertinent contractual deadlines and special comments are listed when applicable.

Please review Workload FAQs for more information.

Multiple Positions Policy supports faculty's commitment to their instructional positions and their students by limiting hours of activities beyond full-time faculty appointments and workload obligations. Each full-time faculty, including substitute titles and faculty on an approved leave of absence, are required to submit multiple position form each semester. When reporting activities beyond their full-time JJay appointment, faculty must submit their forms to review and approval by the Department Chair and/or Department P&B Committee, before any work commences.  

Please review Multiple Positions FAQs for more information.