About Us

About Us

Communication and Theatre Arts students practice civic communication, a powerful 21st Century tool, fundamental in the pursuit of justice. Our courses function as gateways to all academic programs and connections to all majors.

Students are encouraged to engage in a variety of communication, media, film, and theatre courses and activities at John Jay College. Opportunities are available for student participation in public speaking; debate; moot court; multi-media events; theatrical productions; and video productions.

Speech Program: students articulate well-organized persuasive and informative presentations founded upon research and in various public forums. CTA students focus on the history and best practices of communication through argumentation, debate, media projects, and moot court. View Details  - Speech offerings

Theatre Program: robust offerings in acting, improvisation, theatre production, history of world and U.S. theatre, critical theory, applied theatre, creative dramatics, and drama studies. View Details  - Theatre offerings  

Media Program: builds knowledge of contemporary communication through the analysis and use of variants of digital media ranging from social media to on line games. View Details  - Media offerings  

Film Program: fosters knowledge and critical analysis of the history and development of film as an art form, an international cultural experience, a wellspring of intercultural exchange, and a powerful force for social change.View Details  - Film offerings