Study-Abroad Program Options

Study-Abroad Program Options

The John Jay College Office of International Studies and Programs and many other CUNY Study Abroad Offices offer our students a wide range of short-term, semester and year-long programs that lead to significant cultural and academic experiences. As a CUNY student, you are eligible to participate in programs offered by John Jay or in E-Permit-eligible programs offered by any CUNY college. Start your search with the Study Abroad Directory, and make an appointment with your John Jay College study-abroad advisers to identify a program that works with your degree plan and career goals. Take a look at OISP events - you can stop by a regularly scheduled information session, too. Consider the type of credits you need for your course of study, along with requirements for your major, minor, electives, and general-education requirements. 

Want to study abroad? Here are the next steps:

1: Research JJC's program options

2: Schedule your study-abroad advising appointment here: 

Mr. Yanes:

3: Apply! (Click here to download application)


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