JJC Virtual Global Internships

JJC Virtual Global Internships


The Office of International Studies & Programs is excited to announce our new Virtual Global Internship opportunities!

We are now working with a diverse group of organizations than offer you a unique opportunity to gain global professional experience, boost your career profile, build an international professional network, and expand your skill set by interning with a company based overseas – while staying local.  Awareness and knowledge of global issues, however, are no longer optional. Employers expect employees to be:

  • Savvy global thinkers
  • Cross-culturally competent
  • Skilled in using diverse resources and approaches to enhance productivity


These are project-based internships, with semester-long and short-term placements. Virtual Internships can be completed for academic credits or as a co-curricular activity for no credit.  Students, generally, receive 3-4 credits of per virtual internship experience.  It is required to have completed your first year and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to apply, though internship providers have their own GPA requirements.

While John Jay College and CUNY study-abroad programs are still on hiatus through the 2021 calendar year due to global pandemic, students may wish to take advantage of virtual global opportunities – starting in January 2021.  Below are some program options.  How it works:

  • You must meet with an adviser before starting the application process.
  • All course and internship fees are paid directly to the partner providers listed below.
  • There are no additional fees billed for such opportunities.
  • These courses have already been vetted by the OISP.  If you opt for credit through a virtual internship, it can be applied to major, minor, or general-education requirements.  The credit can count as an elective, as well.
  • Remember: These are virtual courses; there is no travel associated with any of these programs.
  • Contact the OISP with any questions at studyabroad@jjay.cuny.edu
  • Get started by scheduling your study-abroad advising appointment here:

Virtual Internship Providers & Placements

Internships through JJC partners institutions are offered in globally and locally on virtual platforms this coming Summer and Fall 2021:

API Abroad

API’s virtual internship programming will support your internship success as you engage in activities designed to refine specific skills, orient you to the international workplace culture, guide you through virtual cultural webinars and local visits, and display your learning in a digital badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, e-portfolio, personal websites, digital resumes and more.

To learn more, visit: https://apiabroad.com/virtual/virtual/virtual-global-internship/

  • Part-time or Full-time options:
    • Part-time: 20 hours/week
    • Full-time: 32 hours/week
    • Placements are usually 8-weeks long during semester or summer
  • Virtual International Placements: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain
  • Placements in STEM, NGOs, economics, and more
  • Credits via API Internship Seminar
    • Part-time=3 credits
    • Full-time=6 credits
  • Requirements: 2.5 GPA (3.0 for STEM); Cover letter; 2 letters of reference; Transcript; Resume/CV; JJC Approval Forms; Advising Session
  • Program Cost: $1,650


HEX: Hacker Exchange

Through global innovation programs, modular courses and community events, Hacker Exchange gives students the confidence, skills and networks to launch startups or innovation careers — while still accessing academic accreditation from world-class universities.

To learn more, visit: https://hacker.exchange/virtual

  • Micro-internship: 6-day program during winter or summer interssessions
  • Learn global startup, industry market research, public speaking, etc.
  • Work with global industry and tech leaders
  • Internship opportunities with local and international organizations and firms
  • 3 to 6 credits (with JJC departmental approval)
  • Requirements: Cover letter; Resume/CV; HEX Interview; JJC Approval Forms; Advising Session
  • Program Cost: $1,100


IES Abroad 

IES has been offering quality, part-time internships for nearly 60 years and full-time internships with the introduction of IES Internships in 2013. Now, they are bringing the internships to you with the IES® Virtual Internship Program. You tell them which term you want to go, what you want to do, if you have a preference of where your employer is located (one of several IES Abroad host cities), how many hours you want to work (between 10 and 32 per week), and they will pave the path forward for you. Students will get the same hands-on (just not literally), professional experience one would get abroad, while also gaining desired remote working skills along with international components.

To learn more, visit: https://www.iesabroad.org/programs/virtual-internship

  • Semester or Summer options: 10-32 hours/week
  • Virtual International Placements:Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dublin, London, Milan, Quito, Rome, Santiago, Sydney, Vienna
  • Intern at Non-Profits and NGOs
  • 3 credits (via IES academic internship seminar)
  • Requirements: Sophomore, junior, or senior; 2.5 GPA (if GPA below 2.5: professor recommendation letter and personal academic essay); Trascript; Cover letter; Resume/CV; IES Online Application; JJC Approval Forms; Advising Session
  • Program Cost:
    • $1,995 for 3-credit internships
    • $2,295 for 6-credit internships


SIT Study Abroad

SIT Virtual Internships offer an opportunity to gain international and professional experience from anywhere in the world. These courses build on SIT’s years of experience running in-country internships and engage our extensive network of partners to provide internship opportunities with local and international organizations and firms in fields such as public health, social change, LGBTQ+ rights, sustainable development, human rights, diplomacy, conflict resolution, finance, and more. SIT’s virtual internship courses will help you gain experience in remote work, develop your international professional network, and build intercultural skills. Virtual internships offer the chance to do substantive, empowering tasks that will allow you to explore different career paths and enhance your resume.

To learn more, visit: https://studyabroad.sit.edu/programs/online/?internship

  • Semester or Summer options:
    • Semester: 3-4 months
    • Summer: 6-8 weeks
  • International Virtual Placements: South America, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Middle East
  • Internship opportunities with local and international organizations and firms, including: Social change, LGBTQ+ rights, sustainable development, human rights, diplomacy, conflict resolution, etc.
  • 4-5 credits (via SIT academic internship seminar) with an option to take more through language classe
  • Requirements: Sophomore, junior, or senior; 2.5 GPA; Cover letter; Resume/CV; Program-specific prerequisites; JJC Approval Forms; Advising Session
  • Program Cost: approx. $2000, varies by program


The Intern Group

The Intern Group offers virtual internships in all career fields, within 3,000+ leading organizations around the world. They are partnered with some of the most prestigious organizations in the world, through to small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial startups. These remote internships provide you with the opportunity to realize your potential. Gain invaluable professional experience, grow your network and make your resume shine, wherever you are.

To learn more, visit: https://www.theinterngroup.com/destination/virtual-internships/

  • Part-time or Full-time options:
    • Part-time: 10 or 20 hours/week
    • Full-time: 30 or 40 hours/week
    • 4 to 24 week-long programs with flexible start dates
  • Choose from 3,000+ organizations, including: NGO and non-profits, computer science, environmental, government, language and translation, science, psychology, legal, writing, etc.
  • Interactive keynote speaker series
  • 3 to 6 credits (with JJC departmental approval)
  • Requirements: Online application; Cover letter; Resume/CV; Intern Group Interview; JJC Approval Forms; Advising Session
  • Program Cost: $2,990


Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships started in 2018 after recognizing that the future of work was at our doorstep, and more students across the world would need to prepare for remote work experience as well as create a network of virtual connections to succeed.  They offer two tracks: International Focus & Career Field Focus.

By selecting the International Focus Track, VI guarantees you an Online International Internship in the country of your choice. Perhaps you would like to work in the country after graduation or have been studying the country’s language and culture and would like to expand those skills and understanding. 

By selecting the Career Field Focus Track, VI guarantees you an Online International Internship in the career field of your choice, allowing you to select from over 18 different identified Career Fields. If you have a clear focus on the professional skills and experience you would like to gain but are not committed to working in one specific country then exploring the Career Field track is for you. 

To learn more, visit: https://www.virtualinternships.com/how-it-works/

  • Part-time or Full-time options:
    • 1 month: 30 hours/week
    • 2 months: 20-30 hours/week
    • 3 months: 10, 20, or 30 hours/week
    • 4 months: 10 hours/week
    • Flexible start dates
  • International Virtual Placements:China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, or UK
  • Placements include: law, computer science, international development, and NGOs
  • 3 to 6 credits (with JJC departmental approval)
  • Requirements: Online application; Cover letter; Resume/CV; VI Interview; JJC Approval Forms; Advising Session
  • Program Cost: $1,495-$1,895

Planning for your Virtual Internship

Before you begin your virtual experience search, consider:

Career Interests: Determine an industry or area in which you would like to explore and gain skills. Choose 2-3 of your top career interests before beginning your search.

Motivation and Goals: Why are you interested in a virtual experience? What goals do you have to participate in an experience? Asking yourself these questions can help you find an experience that is best for you.

Readiness: Consider the most logical timeframe to have a virtual experience. Remember your time commitments based on the number of courses you’re taking, student organization commitments, other jobs and your personal life. Also, have your resume updated and ready to apply to positions.

Schedule an appointment with an OISP adviser to further discuss your readiness and have your resume reviewed.

When conducting your job search, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it relevant? Internships should be closely related to your career goals. Carefully read the job description to determine if the job duties are related to your interests.
  2. Do my skills match the requirements? Consider the skills and knowledge you have gained through experiences such as academic courses, summer jobs, student organization involvement and leadership.
  3. What is the employer offering financially? Determine if the position is paid or unpaid. Some employers may assist you with the costs associated with internet and personal computer usage.
  4. What is the employer offering professionally? Consider the type of company you want to work for and how their values align with your own. Choose an opportunity that you feel will provide you with the greatest overall experience.
  5. Can I earn credit? Meet with your academic advisor to discuss opportunities to earn academic credits for your internship. Some degrees have internship requirements, so be sure you know what those requirements are. Even if you do not earn credit, you should still participate in an internship!
  6. Is this too good to be real? Be aware of fraudulent jobs. Review our Scam Job Posting Guide o learn more on how to protect yourself from scams.

Get started by scheduling your study-abroad advising appointment here: